Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2014

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Europe’s real estate industry expects more and better in 2014. It is more confident about its prospects and its ability to improve profits. Headcounts, too, have a better chance of growing.

This belief is spread widely across the continent. Europe’s economy is growing, and political uncertainty over its future declining. Ireland is seen to be improving; Southern Europe is thought to be past the worst. Equity is flowing in, and debt is becoming easier to find, though how much easier, depends on where and for what.

Risk, too, is no longer a dirty word. As Europe’s economy improves, the real estate industry is venturing out of its bunker.

Istanbul remains in the top 10 for investment. Investors generally like Istanbul because it is a high-growth market backed by a strong economy. Turkey's demographics are also very appealing, with a young and rapidly growing population of 75 million. Retail is attractive because “affluence is developing “and “the middle class is establishing itself.