Investment Management

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In an environment of increasing regulation and continuing financial market volatility, investment managers are facing mounting competition from foreign rivals and new entrants. The winners are likely to be companies that can sustain top-tier service through targeted customer segmentation, while curbing distribution and service costs. As access to market becomes increasingly critical and customers demand ever more personalised products and services, investment managers will also need to concentrate on fewer—and more effective—distributor relationships.

These challenges are being compounded by the cost and complexity of meeting new sales targets, reporting and prudential directives. On the plus side, effective compliance could strengthen stakeholder confidence and sharpen competitive differentiation in an increasingly crowded market place.

How can PwC Turkey help you?

PwC Turkey has a global network of specialists who can help investment managers to turn challenges into opportunities in key areas including governance, risk management, financial reporting and business development strategies and tax issues.

Umurcan Gago
Investment Management Industry Leader
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