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We solve your big, complex problems

If you have a great deal of data and it is complex, or you have an unmanageable quantity of options, our analytics competency might offer the solution you are looking for.

How do you make a difference with analytics?

Guided by AI and optimisation algorithms, we find solutions to hard problems in today’s business life.  We make your data and processes more visual, taking information out of tables so that everyone can make use of it. We democratize your business data.

How can PwC help you?

  • We help businesses use data and algorithms together to achieve productivity.
  • We contribute to your new business model creation process by making deductions using the data.
  • We comment scientifically on your decision-making processes.

Data infrastructure

Proper data infrastructure is non-negotiable if you want analytic solutions to provide effective results. PwC evaluates your data infrastructure and helps transform your data infrastructure so that you can make the best use of analytic solutions.

Advanced analytics

We take a new look at your data using our optimisation, AI and simulation competencies. By reviewing your data, we can calculate the optimal stock level for every tier or detect anomalies in your financial transactions. We can segment your clients and predict each segment’s needs. We can combine technological and scientific points of view to solve problems that have gone unsolved, using our advanced analytic solutions.

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Data visualisation and reporting

The data hidden in Excel files or the database can be very valuable for your business. PwC captures this valuable data from databases and Excel files and turns it into visual information for you using its data visualisation and reporting skills. We make your processes more comprehensible and we create a data connection between you and your business.


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Serkan Tarmur

Serkan Tarmur

Advisory Services Leader, PwC Turkey

Tel: +90 212 376 5304

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