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CFO operations

We help companies optimise their CFO operations department structures and increase the added value they generate for the company

How do successful CFOs make a difference? 

An effective CFO goes beyond logs and managing cash flow and acts as the right hand of the CEO. They understand company operations, income generation channels and competition conditions, and present and interpret the big picture. They look to the future even under difficult conditions, and direct strategies.
Mali işler dönüşümü hizmetleri

Some projects that we have carried out in various sectors concerning Financial Affairs functions

Financial Transformation

Hospital Group

Finansal Dönüşüm
  • Analysis and design of the Financial Affairs function process, implementation of good practices and determination of system needs
  • Management reporting and design of key performance indicator set
Profitability/Cost Modelling

Digital Solutions/Technology Firm

Karlılık / Maliyet Modellemesi
  • Design of a profitability and cost model compatible with the business model
  • Scenario analysis to evaluate the profitability of business units
Optimisation of Working Capital

Retail Firm

Optimisation of Working Capital
  • Review of sales, inventory, purchasing and other processes involving interactions, and determination of the improvement potential of operating capital
  • Laid out a roadmap, determining the actions necessary to reach the potential operating capital target
Creating Decision Support Mechanisms

Construction Group

Creating Decision Support Mechanisms
  • Set up the conceptual design and model for the budget and management reporting needs
  • Apply systematic practices to the design of the budget and management reporting model and implement it

How can PwC help you?

Our Services

We help Financial Affairs departments implement their responsibilities and basic processes quickly and efficiently using technology, guide company strategy, and gain competencies that will help other departments carry out their operations more efficiently.

Financial Affairs Transformation Roadmap

Evaluating sector dynamics in line with good practices and determining development areas

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Fast and Productive Financial Affairs Operations

Improving fundamental accounting processes with new organisation and technology infrastructure, in light of good practices

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Corporate Performance Management

Implementing the strategic planning, budgeting, prediction and management reporting systems in a compliant fashion

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Strategic Decision Support

Shedding light on the company’s operations and investment decisions through sector-specific analyses, measuring methods and analytical approaches.

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Interim CFO

Satisfying the need for a short-term or part-time Financial Affairs manager

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