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Digital Fitness Assessment

Introducing PwC’s Digital Workforce Transformation Don’t talk about building a culture of innovation and growth. Do it.

Those who fail to innovate will fail to survive

Facing obstacles? You’re not alone.

To compete today, organizations must upskill their workforce to be digitally agile. But that’s easier said than done. PwC’s Digital IQ® Survey shows executives have barriers to digital innovation.


lack skilled teams


have slow or inflexible processes


lack new data and technology integration


use outdated or obsolete technology

PwC Digital Workforce Transformation

Four steps to building a new culture fueled by innovation.

Our data also shows companies that prioritize innovation, use cross-functional teams and agile approaches, and better understand the human experience financially outperform their peers. PwC’s Digital Workforce Transformation helps change the way employees learn, think, interact and solve problems. Here’s how.

1. Assess

Through the Digital Fitness app, each employee takes an assessment and receives a Digital Fitness score.

Employees see their Digital Fitness score and see how they compare against their department and organization. A tailored learning plan is created based on their score.

2. Advance

Employees boost their Digital Fitness score through bite-sized, addictive content tailored, packaged, and contextualized to them.

Through MyFitnessPlan, employees can choose personal, measurable weekly learning plans that suit their schedules and target the gaps in their Digital Fitness score.

3. Insights

With organization-wide insights, evaluate your current workforce’s strengths and opportunities and identify talent gaps.

Then make the aggressive move to start hiring and injecting new talent.

4. Accelerate

Create collaborative engagement models and move at the speed of a startup.

Build environments such as labs, alternative workspaces, and sandboxes that fuel innovation and collaboration.

Dijital Fitness

Digital Fitness

Yes, there’s an app for this.

The Digital Fitness engine and associated app is based on leading academic research from PwC’s Katzenbach Center – experts in organizational behavioral and cultural change – combined with over a decade of researching digital leaders.

The Payoff

The skills, mindset and behaviors to win in the digital age.

Not only have the ability to increase the value of each employee, but the opportunity to create an entirely new culture. A culture powered by innovation.

The payoff for your employees:

  • More confident and credible
  • Greater understanding of new products and services
  • More comfortable and curious

The payoff for your business and clients:

  • Exceed customer expectations and build platforms
  • Unlock innovation
  • Elevate marketplace profile

Digital Fitness app is for free

As a token of our responsibility to the community and the business community, you can use the application free of charge and access our existing content.