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Digital Operating Model

Reveal your organisation's potential

Helping our clients to turn their operations into a competitive advantage by leveraging digital models across the value chain

Building right digital operating model

A Digital business strategy sets the direction of travel; the path you take is influenced by strategic choices around growth, customer and employee experience and operational efficiency.

Whichever path you choose, developing the right culture, uplifting skills, promoting new ways of working and having the right technology foundations in place is paramount. The foundations of a digital business need to have the ability to embrace agility - changing as the environment in which your business operates changes. Becoming a digital business is organisation wide and involves an ongoing mastery of change, in which adaptability and continuous learning feels natural to both leaders and employees. Businesses that fail to adapt, fail to survive. We help you choose your path, start small and find what works for you.

How we help clients:

Digital People & Organisation

Ensuring your organisation has the right capabilities, structure and skills to define, measure, manage and implement consistent digital experiences.

Digital Governance

Defining the right accountability framework, governance and ways of working that balances alignment with autonomy, whilst being lightweight enough to enable rapid decision making and foster creativity. 

Digital Way of Working

Embedding agility in your operating model enables your organisation to flex - responding to market changes, and re-organising to deliver value as market conditions change. Creating an organisation that can continually learn, adapt and evolve at the speed of business.

Change & Program Management

Making the link between digital culture and digital success. Creating leaders that communicate a clear vision for change, drive alignment across the organisation, and build employee trust through authenticity, empowerment and steadfast resolve.

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Serkan Tarmur

Serkan Tarmur

Advisory Services Leader, PwC Turkey

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Etkin Çiftçi

Etkin Çiftçi

Digital & Experience Consulting, Director, PwC Turkey

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Oktay Aktolun

Oktay Aktolun

Risk Assurance Services Leader, PwC Turkey

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Ülker Day

Ülker Day

People and Organisation, Partner, PwC Turkey

Tel: +90 212 326 6369