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Cybersecurity comes of age

Global Digital Trust Insights 2021

Our findings from the Global Digital Trust Insights 2021 (Global DTI 2021) survey of 3,249 business and technology executives around the world tell us what’s changing and what’s next in cybersecurity.

Decades after emerging from under IT’s wing, the cybersecurity profession has matured. Armed with the insight and foresight that only experience and wisdom can provide, cyber stands at a critical, pivotal, exciting time for the industry and the organisations and people it serves.

Five moves to get to the next level

Reset your cyber strategy, evolve leadership for these new times

Make the shift to business-driven cyber strategy and let your CISO take on the larger role you need

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Rethink your cyber budget to get more out of it

Business wants budgets that directly tie to business growth and better risk management

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Invest in every advantage to level the playing field with attackers

That new thinking in your cyber strategy? Carry it out in new approaches to boost odds of success

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Build resilience for any scenario

What the threat outlook for 2021 means for your resilience strategy

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Future-proof your security team

Hiring, training, and managed services to get the deep talent you need in this tight labour market

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