Digital IQ Survey 2018

The no-excuses way to win in a digital world.

Digital IQ: How to make your aspirations a reality.

Doing digital right doesn’t mean you need to become the next Amazon, Netflix or Google, whose shift to digital has reinvented the company. But it does mean you may need to change your ways to maximize the potential to drive business. You may think there are obstacles. But it’s not money. It’s not lack of time. It’s not lack of resources. It’s you. It’s your mindset about digital strategy. It’s time to fill the gaps—and make those aspirations a reality. Let go of your fears and let’s get started.

What does your company aspire to do?

Efficiency seekers

Use digital to do business smarter and faster


Create new capabilities to modernize our business


Change our core business model to redefine our business

Industry explorers

Break ground in new markets or industries

PwC’s 11th Anniversary
Digital IQ Survey

Insights into how organizations are solving today’s business challenges through digital across disruption, experience, workforce, operations and trust.

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