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Advanced analytics

Up-to-date technologies and smart algorithms turn your raw data into beneficial information.

Benefit from your data

Today, the amount of data collected continues to grow.  Some of this data is generated and stored within your business, and some is available for public use.  The large quantity of data and its variety can be converted into a big advantage for your business.

PwC can help you maximise the benefits you receive from your data through Advanced analytics technology.

Important Questions:
  • Can you predict your customers' behaviour?
  • Are you able to calculate the short-, medium-, and long-term effects of your decisions?
  • Can you manage your distribution network within your business vision?
  • Can you determine the most beneficial decisions for your business based on your strategy using data and technology?
  • Can you test your hypotheses about the future of your business?
  • Do you want to explore the secret connections in your data beyond what office applications can find?

PwC’s advanced analytics approach

Process your data with the most advanced technologies, which go beyond office applications and produce not only reports but also recommendations, information and actions applicable. Use technology and advanced algorithms as your guides in business life.


If you have an objective and constraints, besides you have unmanageable amount of decisions options to reach your objective, then, we are here to remind you that you have an optimisation problem. Optimisation was first used in business in logistics and supply chain planning as an operations practice. However, due to powerful optimisation drivers and modelling techniques developed in recent years, optimisation has transcended logistics and has been solving business problems from finance to marketing, from workforce planning to supplier choice. Using the proper algorithms, PwC can help you spot your problem, set up an optimisation model and solve your problem.

Artificial intelligence

Do you want to learn from your data? Do you want to access the hidden information in the data you are storing and use this to solve business problems? Do you want to forecast the future and learn the reasons of what happened in the past? If this sounds familiar, artificial intelligence and data mining techniques and technologies may be the solutions you have been looking for. Modern, developed AI platforms and algorithms can guide you through solving your business problems. PwC can utilise your data effectively using its AI technology competencies, and can explore the invaluable information it contains.


Are you unable to calculate the effects of your decisions and changes on your business because your processes are too complicated? With our simulation competencies, you can run complex “what-if” analyses and accurately determine the effects of changes on your processes.

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