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Fast and Productive Financial Affairs Operations

Review your process, organisation and technology infrastructure to raise operational productivity in your Financial Affairs function

Next Generation Financial Affairs Operation Model

Business models changing as a result of customer behaviour, competition, production/service models, regulations and technological development makes it impossible to avoid changes to the ways Financial Affairs functions work. To manage these changes, one should review Financial Affairs in terms of operations, organisation structure, cost, and benefits, and determine the areas which need to be developed using an integrated system.

Financial Affairs processes and other operational processes that interact with these processes should be restructured end-to-end, and the targeted effective, sustainable business model which supports growth should be developed and implemented.

Important Questions:
  • Are your processes standardised enough? What is the automation level of your processes?
  • Are roles and responsibilities concerning process ownership and management defined?
  • How well are you integrated with operations? (Customer relations, purchasing, etc.)
  • Are there activities you might want to centralise in the scope of your shared service centre?
  • Are there activities which can be outsourced?
  • Are indicators evaluating process performance defined?
  • Does the company have a calendar for financial closing and reporting?
  • Are there efforts to improve the speed, quality and accuracy of the month-end closing and reporting process?
  • Is the main data responsibility and ownership structure clear?

How can PwC help you?

We can redesign your Financial Affairs processes to flow in a simple and standard manner consistent with local and global best practices.
The services the PwC financial transformation team provides in this field:
  • Transforming the organisation, process and technology aspects of the Financial Affairs function through comparative analyses
  • Designing the Financial Affairs working model
  • Designing processes from order to cash, purchasing to payments, registry to period closing, period closing to reporting, as well as inventory control and general accounting
  • Optimising period closing (fast and effective closing)
  • Designing the shared service centre
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