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Corporate Performance Management

Actively manage the performance of all your corporate units in a consistent and efficient manner to obtain the targeted results.

Access the right information with the right forecast

To succeed in today’s volatile markets, you need to make business decisions quickly and safely. You need detailed and up-to-date data that accurately informs you regarding what is happening in your establishment in general so that you can evaluate performance, enabling you to reach your business goals.

Corporate Performance Management helps you review your past performance in a consistent and effective way and make effective decisions concerning the future by providing you with accurate information and accurate predictions.

Important Questions:
  • Are you able to manage your budget planning and operational planning processes in an integrated fashion?
  • Do you have reporting tools that support you in taking decisions quickly and accurately and in line with the goals of your establishment?
  • What is your process for determining the cost elements that most influence performance and profitability and for taking the necessary actions?
  • Are there key performance indicators that are measurable and in line with your business strategies and goals?  Are these indicators associated with the evaluation processes in effect?

How can PwC help you?

PwC helps you see the future which will help you develop your company.
  • We can design strategic performance management elements
    • We can develop a long-term strategic work plan
    • We can provide budget and prediction models
  • We can design an integrated business planning process that connects the operational (S&OP) and financial planning processes of the establishment
  • We can design processes and models for financial information management
    • We can provide management reporting
    • We can provide a dashboard
    • We can provide financial analysis reports
    • Financial consolidation and legal reporting models
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