Forensic Information and Data Analytics Solutions

Finding evidence in data.

New tools, methodologies and creative solutions: Can you use technology effectively to combat fraud and economic crime?

With more than 95% of business records now created and stored electronically, the forensic capture and analysis of electronic data has become a fundamental part of investigations and dispute resolution. Our forensic technology specialists are trained in the acquisition and analysis of electronic data. Using our globally developed proprietary tools and dedicated forensic laboratories worldwide, we offer a highly professional approach to electronic data retrieval. Our global team is experienced in handling and processing vast amounts of data typically stored by large corporations, while our forensic tools have been used in numerous corporate reviews requiring electronic disclosure and advanced financial data analytics.

Digital Forensics and eDiscovery: Navigating litigation, investigations & crises in the digital age


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Data Analytics & Visualization

The proactive PwC analytics solutions can discover suspicious behavior among transactions before fraud can actually happen.

If you suspect fraud inside the company but do not know where to start or you are buying a company and want to see what is inside, PwC Forensic Data Analytics will discover the full scope of the problem. Early, quick, and thorough checks as offered by the PwC proactive solutions significantly reduces the loss caused by the fraud discovered.

Data gathering: Any transaction, standard or fraudulent, is recorded in corporate IT systems. We help you identify, gather and create datasets of any size.

Analytic applications: We cleanse and crunch your data, and then run scenarios specific to your needs to create valuable insights for your organization.

Visualization:  Because tables and matrices only show part of the story when it comes to understand the importance of numbers, we create meaningful and interactive visuals from the data in order to help your decision making process.

Detection of anomalies: Our applications lets you identify high risk and red flag transactions or operations.

Computer Forensics

Find your needle in the haystack using a PwC eDisovery solution.

eDiscovery: Our forensic technology team helps clients manage vast amounts of electronic data and navigate the legal and business processes that are mandated by critical events.

Collection: We help you locate, identify and secure all forms of electronic data within your organization. Our experts can extract or consolidate terabytes of data for any further action.

Analysis:  We analyze various kinds of data sources, structured and unstructured, and the visualization techniques we use allow for their better and fuller interpretation. Such an approach enables us to obtain information that was previously undetectable or inaccessible to our clients. Conclusions drawn based on the analysis of this information contribute key data to the organization’s decision-making processes. 

Mobile Forensics

Phone and computer forensics is the cornerstone of the Forensic Technology Solutions department of PwC. Our forensic experts are trained in forensic acquisition and analysis of electronic evidence and are equipped with the most cutting-edge tools and technology.


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