Listing in Borsa İstanbul

Shift in global economic power towards emerging economies has been increasingly impacting the global landscape of capital market transactions. Recent PwC Capital Markets in 2025 Report mentions that companies from all over the world looking to go public will have more alternatives than before. However, development of deep domestic capital pools and completion of local regulatory infrastructure are the key success factors for the emerging economies to attract these companies. Recently, Turkish capital market authorities and its leading actors have been introducing new project initiatives to create a regional –then global- financial hub in İstanbul.

İstanbul International Financial Centre is one of these ongoing initiatives, intended to transform İstanbul to a regional then an international financial centre, which is considered a bold move jointly supported by the public and private institutions.

In this publication, building on the Listing in Borsa İstanbul document that was published earlier this year, we prepared a more detailed report analyzing the strengths of Borsa İstanbul, while providing comprehensive information about its markets, application processes and continuing obligations for companies considering an IPO.

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