Ayşe Bayrı Işım

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After graduating from the Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration, Ayşe started her career in the PwC Assurance Department in November 1980. She was promoted to the post of Senior Manager in Assurance and became responsible for the audit of many multinational companies operating in the banking, insurance, tourism, energy and mining sectors, as well as companies engaged in manufacturing in various sectors. Between 1992 and 1998, she took over responsibility of the firm’s accounting, tax, payroll, budgeting, reporting and Human Resources as Director of the Finance Department of PwC. In this position, she has played an active role in the management of the firm and has gained experience in the applications required by local legislation.

In 1998, Ayşe was accepted as a partner of the firm and assigned to establish PwC Tax Management and Accounting Services (TMAS). Since 1998, she has been working as the establishing and managing partner of the TMAS department.

  • Ayşe is a Certified Public Accountant (SMMM). She offers services to foreign capital companies regarding local and international accounting, tax, payroll and reporting issues, the areas in which she specialises.
  • With the help of the experience that she has gained through working in different departments of PwC, she is managing an expert team of 55, with a rapidly growing portfolio, and enables the development of new products for companies operating in various sectors.
  • She has managed the "Continuous Growth" project which includes the design, development and application of active methods and processes, supported by new technology solutions.
  • As an Uskudar American High school graduate, she speaks fluent English.

Other professional experience

  • Apart from her local responsibilities in our Turkish Firm, Ayşe has gained international experience through her various international roles.
    • GCS Leader of Central and Eastern Europe (2002-2004)
    • Tax Learning & Development Leader of Europe (2006-2008)
    • Global TMAS Human Resources and Communication Leader (since 2004)
  • Her international responsibilities include the determination of educational necessities and ensuring the compliance and coordination of training plans and activities in different countries in line with global strategies.
  • She has organized and manages many international training sessions and events.
  • She is focused on providing steady active communication in the network.