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Turkish Citizenship by Investment

With the recent changes in the legislation, Turkish Republic started to grant citizenship to the individuals who invest in Turkey without a mininum residence requirement.

Download our brochure to learn more about necessary requirements and application procedure of 2 months.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkey welcomes foreign investors to apply for citizenship by investment program. With the recent changes in the legislation Turkish Republic started to grant citizenship to individuals who invest in Turkey without a minimum residence requirement. The citizenship opportunity has become even more attractive as the minimum investment figures have been further reduced in 2018 and the whole process is usually completed within 2 - 3 months.

The citizenship is granted to the dependent family members of the applicant as well, without the requirement for separate investments by family members.

Turkish citizenship by investment program provides the following opportunities to holders:

  • Permanent right of residence
  • Permanent right of work and investment opportunity in Turkey without any limitations
  • Visa-free travel to many countries
  • Simple assessment process for visa applications to many countries
  • All international incentives granted to Turkish citizens with bilateral or multilateral agreements including but not limited to Ankara Agreement[1]

[1] The Agreement Creating An Association Between The Republic of Turkey and the European Economic Community allowing Turkish Citizens to establish business in the related countries (including the UK), move immediately and be eligible to apply for permanent residence and citizenship in those countries.

PwC Assistance in Turkish Citizenship by Investment Process

With our 15+ year experience on global mobility and immigration as PwC Turkey we undertake the citizenship by investment application process from start to end and provide all the associated consultancy and assistance around citizenship.

  • Professional relationship with the authorities
  • From start to end assistance in every step for the application:
    • Application for the approval document for the certification of investment
    • (Submission of approval for title deed, approval from Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency etc.)
    • Having documents apostilled and legalized
    • Obtaining Tax ID number for the applicants
    • Opening a bank account in Turkey
    • Reviewing the assessment report of the real estate
    • Drafting and execution of the real estate sale agreement
    • Legal consultancy in contractual arrangements for the related investment
    • Application to the land registry for the real estate sale transaction
    • Carrying out all land registry procedures for the real estate sale transaction
    • Preparation and submission of Residence Permit Application
    • Accompany in the interview
    • Submission and follow up of citizenship by investment application both for the investor and for all family members
    • Assistance with application for Turkish passport
  • Consultancy in various tax consequences of investment and citizenship
  • Secure personal data transfer
  • Transparent and compliant process management
  • PwC network assistance in 158 countries in any procedures to be completed in the home country of the applicant
  • PwC network assistance for immigration to other countries as Turkish citizens


Turkish Citizenship by Investment Application Procedure

No Requirement for the Applicants to…

  • Reside in Turkey for a minimum duration
  • Speak Turkish
  • Be present in Turkey during the citizenship by investment application process
  • Donate any specific funds for the application
  • Wait for the 3 year investment period before making the citizenship by investment application
Turkish Citizenship by Investment

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