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Immigration Services

As PwC Turkey, we provide professional consultancy services for obtaining work and residence permits for foreigners employed in Turkey.

PwC Turkey specialists attend meetings held by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to update the legislation regarding work permits and to make new regulations and continue their activities relevant to developing this process. That gives our staff the competency to inform clients about any potential risks and opportunities and full knowledge regarding the latest developments at the Ministry.

The aim of our activities is to help our clients fulfil the work permit processes in the fastest way by providing solutions based on our experience and knowledge.

PwC has employees in Ankara who follow up work permit applications on a regular basis and meet with Ministry officials when necessary in addition to the specialists at the Istanbul office who visit the Ankara office regularly.

Our work and residence permit services include the following:

  • Consultancy and status evaluation regarding work permit application criteria.
  • Management of the application process for a foreigner’s work and residence permits.
  • Evaluation of the status of the firm and the foreign employee from the perspective of the work permit law and other relevant regulations.
  • Consultancy on short-term employment.
  • Assistance in obtaining work permission for employees in various professional fields.
  • Guidance in the case of a rejected application and consultancy on the appealing process.

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Cumhur  Dülger

Cumhur Dülger

Global Mobility, Director

Tel: +90 212 326 6266

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