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Energy Deals 2014 Annual Review

As PwC Turkey, we are glad to present the seventh edition of Energy Deals, our annual analysis of mergers and acquisitions in the Turkish energy market.


Spotlight on solar power in Turkey

In this spotlight, we will be outlining the regulatory landscape for licensed and license-exempt solar power projects.


Liberalising Natural Gas in Turkey

In this report, we address the three main aspects of the natural gas market, namely the questions of supply security, market liberalization and infrastructure constraints.


Energy Deals 2013 Annual Review

Our annual analysis of mergers and acquisitions in the Turkish energy market.


Spotlight on the new power regulatory landscape

The new Power Market License Regulation has finally been published in the Official Gazette on 2 November, and in this bulletin we touch upon the main provisions in the new regulation.


PwC’s 13th Global Power & Utilities survey

Energy Transformation. The impact on the power sector business model.


Down, but not out Global Mining Deals 2012 Review 2013 Outlook

It was far from the most active year for mining mergers and acquisitions (M&A), but 2012 had its share of exciting transactions and trends. We explain why.


Shale oil – the next energy revolution

The global impact of shale oil could revolutionise the world’s energy markets.


Energy Deals 2012

Our Energy Deals 2012 report shows that the performance of 2012 exceeded our expectations with 45 deals producing a total deal value of USD 9.5 billion.


Capability Statement

Through this report sharing our competencies, we aim at giving you ideas regarding our experiences and explaining how we can work in collaboration in the future.


Privatisation Agenda for Energy Assets

What is the outlook for energy privatisation tenders in Turkey for Fall 2012?


Global energy demand to nearly double by 2035

PwC’s 12th Global Power & Utilities Report – The shape of power to come


Turkey’s Renewable Energy Sector from a Global Perspective

We have evaluated Turkey’s new Renewable Energy Support Mechanism and the state of play in its renewable energy sector.