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Optimise your data assets. Make faster and better decisions. Work more efficiently and save money. Find new sources of revenue. Capitalise on the untapped business intelligence you already own.

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Analyze and optimise the data thoroughly to make faster and better decisions.

Your data assets can reveal actionable business correlations that are surprising to leaders to discover true values of their businesses. Analyzing big data can be used by industries to identify and eliminate waste in any department such as human resources, finance, network, marketing and so on.

As PwC we offer the best use of technology as a magnificent tool by asking of the right questions, and the interpretation of the results.

We offer solutions across all major industries and through the full value chain.

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Analytics and AI Transformation Framework

1. Business Decisions & Analytics

  • Align with corporate and business unit strategy
  • Identify and  prioritize core business use cases
  • Leverage next generation AI techniques to drive business value
1. İş Kararları ve Analitik

2. Data & Information

  • Extract and store unstructured and large volumes of data
  • Integrate external data
  • Manage data quality
  • Enable real-time data processing
  • Secure data and manage privacy
1. İş Kararları ve Analitik

3. Technology & Infrastructure 

  • Develop digital, user-centric applications for mobile, web and enterprise
  • Select scalable, open source platforms that address complete analytics ecosystem
  • Have the flexibility to host on-premises, cloud or hybrid
  • Modernize platform to enable Artificial Intelligence 
1. İş Kararları ve Analitik

4. Organization & Governance

  • Develop operating model with clarity on roles and responsibilities
  • Develop appropriate internal governance structure to address any external regulatory compliance needs
1. İş Kararları ve Analitik

5. Process & Integration

  • Be agile and focus on value creation
  • Streamline metrics and improve interactions between analytics teams and business owners
1. İş Kararları ve Analitik

6. Culture & Talent

  • Identify the critical few behaviors needed to transform the culture
  • Design mechanisms to enable these behaviors
  • Develop Data Science, Data Engineering and Product Management skills
  • Introduce new skills in analysis and story-telling

Bundle capabilities to achieve more value:

Data, Analytics & AI

Capabilities and offerings


Assess current state, co-create analytics vision, and develop roadmap

to achieve

  • Data & AI Maturity

  • Data Strategy

  • Data Governance

  • AI&GenAI Strategy

  • Data Monetization

Accelerated services

Utilize training and data to enhance value and gain a competitive edge

  • GenAI workshops

  • Data and analytics training

  • Data extraction, mining

  • Data cleaning and quality improvement


Establish strong technology foundation for modern analytics & AI initiatives

  • Data integration

  • Data lake/fabric/mesh

  • Data Migration and Conversion

  • Platform modernization

Analytics and AI model operations

Continuously improve data, analytics, and AI models and insights

  • AI/ML model development

  • Forecasting and Simulation

  • Explainable AI

  • Enterprise reporting & visualization

  • Model deployment

  • AI-driven automation

Operating model

Embed analytics and enable a data-driven culture in an organization

  • COE design and implementation

  • Digital and data-driven culture

Creating value for our clients


Referans Projeler

We collaborated with our customer to remodel their pricing approach and to provide sensitivity analysis for more profitability.

PwC helped raise awareness on the importance of data and analytics through a series of training sessions.

PwC prepare genAI workshops to discuss LLM’s, where genAI fits in the big realm of AI, prompting, industry-specific use cases, and future trends. Collaborate with clients to generate specific use cases.

PwC assess the enterprise data for quality and readiness for S4/HANA transformation. Data is cleansed at four separate data groups.

PwC uses robotic process automation to compare competition prices at the SKU and Marketplace level to allow dynamic pricing.

PwC implements marketing mix modelling by using ML models to allocate their marketing budgets to the right channels more efficiently.

Governance is a pillar for analytics. PwC utilized its data governance framework to form a data-driven organizational structure and to ensure data and meta data is properly cataloged, managed and its lifecycle is traceable.

PwC uses openAI to develop a chatbot that could scan documents to provide real-time assistance to workers.

Deployment of ICA platform to capture conversation across multiple channels (inc. mobile phone, in-person and telephony) to automate conversation capture and summarisation. Development of multiple machine learning models to identify next best actions and creating to do list after discussion.

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 Process Mining


Explore business processes to the fullest.

Monitor processes to ensure automation and improvements positively impact their key outcomes, empowering employees to make process-related decisions.



Celonis achieves more from existing processes, especially those that are executed digitally. For this, Celonis has developed a software platform that extracts and analyzes important information from other applications, such as SAP or even simple CSV files. Its goal is to improve existing processes and support future decisions with data.


 Big Data

  • Trend Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Store Insights

Test Automation

  • Web Automation
  • Mobile Automation


Artificial Intelligence

  • Document Understanding
  • Image Recognition
  • Chatbot


  • Basic RPA Development
  • Advanced RPA Development
  • Test Automation

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