Accessing capital markets

Companies can derive multiple benefits from accessing the local and international capital markets, including the required funding for investments, liquidity for investors, an increase in recognition in national and international markets along with the building of a corporate identity.

Our global network of advisors enables us to continually analyse developments and trends in markets across the world, and we take advantage of this ability in the interests of our local clients. Our knowledge and experience help you to develop solutions and practices tailored to your specific capital markets requirements.

Our value proposition

  • Maximize shareholder value
  • Smooth execution

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Sertu Talı

Sertu Talı

Assurance Services Partner, PwC Türkiye

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Serkan Tarmur

Serkan Tarmur

Advisory Services Leader, PwC Türkiye

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Umurcan Gago

Umurcan Gago

Tax Services Partner, PwC Türkiye

Tel: +90 212 326 6098

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