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Effective treasury management structure provides monitoring and management of financial risk closely and efficiently.

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In today’s global world, all companies, whether their business approaches or industries differ, are affected from developments in financial markets. Especially, latest financial crises, increasing variety of financial services and products not only affect financial firms but also affect companies from different non-financial sectors and revealed the requirement of closely and effectively management of financial risks.

As a PwC Corporate treasury management services team, we provide consultancy services in the light of our international knowledge and experience, including the identification and evaluation of financial risks, determination of financial risk management strategies and the design and implementation of an advanced treasury system.

Design of Treasury Department/unit

  • Treasury management strategy
  • Gap analysis
  • Governance and organization scheme
  • Design of business processes
  • Development of risk measurement approaches
  • Establishment / Integration of treasury system in existing business systems in line with the treasury strategy

Cash and Liquidity Management

  • Optimization of firm’s liquidity position
  • Advice on cash position composition with appropriate cost management approach
  • Design Bank management services
  • Support on cash flow analysis and projections
  • Support on working capital management
  • Design and implementation of new cash management model in line with firm’s aims

Interest Rate (IR) and Foreign Exchange (FX) Risk Management

  • Evaluation of interest rate and FX risk
  • Review of FX cash flows (exposure and frequency)
  • Composing of IR and FX risk measurement and monitoring approaches
  • Determination of policy, process, data, human resources and system requirements regarding IR and FX risk management
  • Support to decide hedging strategy in line with firm’s activities and vision

Commodity Risk Management

  • Review the effect of commodity prices on firm’s activities and net working capital
  • Advisory on review, measurement, reporting and management of commodity risk
  • Review and recommend on the impact of commodity trade activities on firm’s risk profile
  • Analyze the impacts of commodity price movements on firm’s profitability and net working capital under different economic scenarios

Audit of Treasury Departments and Processes

  • Review of treasury department and process controls
  • Tailor audit policy, reporting processes and audit checklists in line with firs requirements
  • Support on internal audit teams regarding audit of treasury processes

Financial Risk Management Training Services For Corporates

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