Crisis Management & Forensic Intelligence

Build confidence and take control.

Mitigating threats, handling crises, optimizing opportunities and competing effectively have one thing in common: the need for high-quality, up-to-the-minute information. Unplanned events can arise anywhere at any time. Each incident is different: some you know about in advance, some you know could happen one day and others are just impossible to predict.

Our crisis forensic intelligence specialists are backed by the power of the global PwC network. We help you to emerge stronger with professionals in fraud, cyber security, investigations, communications teams and project managers. So, while you won’t always know what will happen, or how things will play out, you will know you’ve got the right team by your side.

Crisis management is the process by which an organization deals with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm the organization or its stakeholders.

Crisis Preparedness Assessment

PwC's Crisis Preparedness Assessment empowers you with the insights needed to enhance your team's capability to handle crisis. PwC’s Crisis Preparedness Assessment is an interactive, web-based platform that objectively quantifies and benchmarks an organization's crisis preparedness. It leverages PwC’s crisis management framework, built from international standards, leading practices and our client experience, to deliver algorithmic analysis of your existing crisis management program, maturity scoring and benchmarking and recommendation roadmapping.

Crisis Management Governance Design

An effective response starts long before the catastrophe occurs, with governance and relationships, advance preparation, and the ability to test your practices. This is only possible with a strong crisis management governance program. Be prepared to lead your company during a crisis. Our team will guide you on how to monitor and identify threats.

Crisis Recovery Support

The effects of a crisis can be long-lasting. We’ll support you as you recover, helping you to stabilize your operations and adapt to a new ‘business as usual’. So, your recovery becomes an opportunity for growth. We help you create and implement new business strategies, and provide technical and functional expertise as well as short- and long-term project management support. Beyond that, our recovery solutions will help you identify and capitalize on the lessons learned, so you’ll have stronger capabilities for crisis management in the future.

Crisis Exercises and Simulations

Crisis exercises and simulations are immersive real time exercises that spur you to make tough decisions with incomplete and evolving information. The scenario constantly adapts based on your actions and decisions. Exercises may be customized to the type, scope, and complexity of crisis you want to roll out. Our simulations provide effective learning environments because they are designed to be tailored to your capability, key objectives, and major challenges.

Ad-Hoc Crisis Response and Support

When a crisis strikes, PwC's teams mobilize quickly to provide a wide range of assistance. Our professionals are trained to respond with sensitivity and support to both the emotional and economic turmoil such events create.

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Forensic Intelligence is the focused collection and analysis of facts and other information that responds to the needs of decision-makers and key advisors facing; major corporate actions, high-stakes decisions, complex dilemmas, formidable risks or other significant considerations.

Integrity Due Diligence for Natural and Legal Persons

Helping you choose business partners which will enhance and not damage your brand

Underestimating third-party risks may have a significant effect on the reputation and financial position of entrepreneurs and businesses. Working on standalone projects, or high volume global third party reviews, we perform integrity and affiliation due diligence to help you get a fair picture of your business relationships, 

Daha fazlası

Political and Reputational Risk Assessment

Helping you understand a new market and territory. Know before you go.

Companies entering a new market or new sector need to know how business works there. We can prepare comprehensive and customized reports, covering political and business risks in those countries where there is little separation between politics and business. We focus on the risks that particular businesses face, which may include:

  • Political risk and security;
  • Stakeholder analysis;
  • Local partner selection;
  • Bribery and corruption;
  • Taxation;
  • Stability of export and import licenses.

Third Party Risk Management & Review

Helping you managing your third parties, identifying and assessing the risks, implementing proportionate mitigation measures and be compliant

International legislations like the FCPA Bribery Act (US) and the UKBA Bribery Act (UK) and subsequent prosecutions demonstrate that the use of third parties (sales agents, distributors, intermediaries, logistics providers and partners) presents high risk.

How robust and efficient is your third party risk management programme?

No matter how focused you are on compliance, there is always a blind spot and weak link in every organization. Regulators know this and spotlight third parties as a key corruption threat. Even small transactions can trigger an enforcement action, under FCPA and other statutes. We can help identify and protect against incidents of deception, fraud and corruption by designing, implementing, performing and testing third party risk and compliance programs. This also includes reviews of commercial relationships, procedure improvement, and interviews with sub-agents, and testing of sample transactions.

Asset Tracing in Turkey and Abroad

Follow the money

Asset tracing can provide significant benefits to companies in cases where a debtor's property can be recovered through litigation. We perform researches to help lenders, guarantors and beneficiaries to track the status of their debtors’ assets and identify potential assets that could be subject to recovery on a worldwide basis.

Social Media Research

Social media has revolutionised the way people communicate and interact with each other. Businesses have the opportunity to harness the power of social media to increase revenues by targeting and embracing these new channels. There is growing interest from organisations to leverage data and to integrate internal and external social media as part of their strategy. The benefits can provide an organisation with a key strategic advantage, but if not executed appropriately, it can fast become an expensive project that simply exposes the firm to additional risk. 

The risks related to social media are broad. Some of the key risks can be categorised as follows:

  • Brand and reputation
  • Legal
  • Social and political
  • Human
  • Operational, and
  • Regulatory compliance.

Background Checks and Employee Screening

Find the right candidate for key positions

People are the most valuable asset of an organization. Finding the right candidate or creating a talent pool for key positions is an important process that we can help make more reliable. We conduct background checks on candidates and employees, including their publicly available social media activity, resume verification, and analyze their biographical profiles and reputation.

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