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PwC’s pharmaceutical experts works with you to define and deliver effective solutions to the complex challenges affecting your business in all areas from innovation to regulation

With more than 100 pharmaceutical industry experts, we provide assurance, tax and consulting services to the leading pharmaceutical companies. In addition to our knowledge and experience in Turkey, we provide the most suitable solutions companies need for their operations by also drawing on PwC’s global information network.

In all our services, we take into consideration the issues of the sector and the specific difficulties of the sector in order to create value our clients are looking for;


We believe digitalisation is a tool to meet the objectives of important leading stakeholders in the health industry who aim to perfect the patient experience and meet their needs as quickly as possible with lower costs, sustainable and profitable growth and a competitive advantage.  PwC thinks it is a fact that digitalisation is an in-house skill from strategy to application, and works to bring industrial, technological, analytical and functional depth in the health ecosystem to close the gap between ideas and operational work results. We create this depth in the medical field through a seven-step integrated patient experience journey (called creating awareness, combating disease, diagnosis, choice of treatment, medication and medical device provision, applying treatment and monitoring) which thoroughly includes all stakeholders.


Biotechnology, for which R&D costs are high in spite of the aim to decrease health expenses, and the innovative pharmaceutical and medical device market, are used for rare diseases and are expected to continue growing globally in the long term. Statements from both the government and private sectors clearly demonstrate Turkey's aim to be an important player in the globally expanding biotechnology and biosimilar industry. So, at PwC, we provide advisory, audit and tax services regarding state incentives and their scope, localisation regulations and action plans, evaluating profitability, effectiveness and competence of investments in Turkey, and the best global practices in the public and private sectors by health industry stakeholders, including evaluating their applications in Turkey.


Compliance in the pharmaceutical industry has become much more important with constantly updated regulations and ever-changing technology. You need to accurately manage financial and operational risks and risks related to regulation, establish a solid corporate governance structure and a sustainable and effective control environment, and proactively structure your processes. 

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