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A distinctive business practice that provides audit, technical accounting, tax, compliance, risk management, outsourcing, securities processing, information risk and security, data quality, M&A and other services.

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The critical issues facing financial institutions today are affecting their entire business. The industry continues to address regulatory reform, financial reporting requirements, implementation of cost effective technologies, talent acquisition and increasing demands from stakeholders. These challenges are forcing financial institutions to rethink business strategies.

Our professionals assist with many of today's largest, most challenging issues impacting asset and wealth management, banking and capital markets and insurance.

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Risk and Regulation

Financial Services firms are working under more complex regulation and facing greater external threats that are ever more difficult to adapt to. It’s easy to be afraid of putting a foot wrong.

But let’s not forget that without risk, there would be no Financial Services sector. To succeed, you need to take carefully controlled, well-managed risks. 

How can we help?

By designing insightful risk analytics techniques and developing an end-to-end, aggregated view of the risks facing their business, we help them make the right decisions and optimize their returns. Developing bespoke risk solutions is at the core of what we do, not only around current regulatory requirements, but also for future requirements. With the extensive skills and experience we have in our team, we are able to advice on regulation and issues affecting the macro environment, ensuring we offer a complete and comprehensive approach to risk. 

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Adapting to new circumstances rapidly and taking account of the unexpected is getting more important with the current market situation. Whether you´re aiming to develop a particular area of your business or want a comprehensive transformation and want to develop and maintain a competitive position, our experienced consulting teams can help you make the right decisions and, most importantly, help you to implement them.

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Transaction Services
  • Valuation Services
  • Finance and Treasury
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Market Research – Market Entry Strategies
  • Revenue Increase Strategies
  • Effective Sales and Marketing
  • Cost Optimization
  • Corporate Performance Management Services

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FS Technology

The accelerating pace of technological change is the most creative - and disruptive - force in the financial services ecosystem today. Technological advances have real world implications on the financial services industry and institutions need to adjust their business models accordingly.

How can we help?

PwC offers a seamless end-to-end services portfolio to help financial incumbents to leverage Financial Services Technology trends and convert threats into opportunities.

What makes PwC’s Financial Services technology consulting capabilities distinctive?
Integrated global network
Extensive industry experience and resources
Multidisciplinary problem solving
Practical insight into critical issues
Focus on relationships
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