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Your requirements are continually growing in response to rapid advancements in technology and frequent changes in regulation, and we’re constantly reassessing and renovating our service offerings to meet the new risks that face the finance sector in the wake of these developments. At PwC's Financial Institutions Risk and Compliance Services, we offer you a broad range of services for the accurate management of financial and operational risks to give your company a competitive edge in today’s market. Let us help you establish a solid corporate governance structure and a sustainable and effective control environment.

Risk exposes you to potential losses, but we can increase your prospects for gain. We’ve built a network of professionals who hail from high-profile regulatory and compliance institutions world-wide. We’ll give you rapid access to the best practices with our solution-oriented team of specialists.

Information Systems and Banking Processes Audit Services

  • Information Systems and Banking Processes Audit at Banks and Consolidated Subsidiaries
  • Audit of Support Service Organisations
  • Consultancy Services for Procurement of Support Services
  • Consultancy Services during Preparation of Management Declaration Process
  • Consultancy Services before Preparation of Information Systems and Banking Processes Audit

Control Consultancy Services at Financial Institutions

  • Improvement of Controls in terms of Effectiveness, Adequacy and Compliance
  • Restructuring of Controls

Operations and Organizational Structuring Services

  • Review, Design and Restructuring of Banking Operations and Processes
  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators and Performance Management
  • Design of the Organisational Structure and Identification of Roles and Responsibilities

Financial Institutions Applications Advisory Services

  • Review and Design of the Controls Before Application Change (pre-implementation)
  • Assessment of the Design and Execution of the Controls After Application Change (post-implementation)
  • Consultancy Services in Application Development
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Project Risk, Control and Assurance Services

Documentation Services Regarding the Internal Legislation

  • Creation of Operation and Control Documentation
  • Preparation of the Regulation, Policy and Procedures
  • Creation of Job Definitions, Roles and Responsibilities

Vendor Accreditation Services

  • Support Services Check-Up Service
  • Support Services Process Audit (ISAE3402/SSAE16)
  • Process Consultancy for the Management of Support Services Risks

Financial Institutions Formation Advisory Services

  • Financial Institutions Process Design and Documentation
  • Financial Institutions Organizational Structure Design and Determination of Roles and Responsibilities
  • Financial Institutions Preaudit Services Before Official Authorization

Financial Institutions Internal Systems Training Services

  • Process Audit Training Services
  • Regulations Training Services
  • Management Declaration Audit Training Services

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