People and organisation

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People strategy through to organisational execution


People management strategy, leadership and culture

  • Organisational transformation

    Delivering the people management strategies and organisational aspects of significant transformation programmes & transactions

  • Recruitment and Talent Management

    In order to increase workforce potential and effectiveness we assist on improvement of HR functions, and give implementation support from recruitment to outplacement.

  • Global

    Supporting the efficient mobilisation of our clients’ most critical talent

  • Employee Risk Management

    We provide expertise on Social security, employement law and tax management.

Workforce analytics, HR metrics and benchmark

Organisational Transformation

People Management Strategy

  • Assessing corporate strategies
  • Aligning strategies and business goals
  • Defining people management strategies
  • Designing employee value proposition
  • Analysing employer brands and develop road maps

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Organisation Design

  • Analysing organisational efficiency
  • Designing operational models
  • Designing organisational structures
  • Managing organisational transformation
  • Organisational cost analysis

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HR Function Effectiveness

  • Analysing HR efficiency
  • Determining HR strategy
  • Designing HR operations and organisation models
  • Providing a common HR service centre and outsourcing
  • Coaching HR teams

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Compensation and Benefits

  • Analysing total compensation packages and defining policies
  • Job evaluations
  • Salary surveys
  • Designing total compensation management models and implementation support
  • Designing bonus systems
  • Analysing and designing benefit scheme
  • Designing reward processes

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HR Technology

  • Analysing efficiency of current HR technologies
  • Feasibility analysis of HR technology investments
  • Implementing HR technologies


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Workforce Analytics, HR Metrics and Comparisons

  • Analysing HR data management efficiency
  • HR predictive modelling and analytic researches
  • Conducting employee experience surveys 
  • Evaluating the candidate recruitment experience
  • Conducting employee opinion and engagement surveys
  • Conducting internal client satisfaction surveys
  • Conducting exit process surveys
  • Conducting benchmark studies for SARATOGA people management metrics
  • Evaluating employee competencies


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People in Deals

  • Workforce feasibility analysis for investment processes
  • HR Due-Diligence
  • Analysing organisational risks and opportunities
  • Analysing corporate culture
  • Change management and communication

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Recruitment and Talent Management

Senior Executive Recruitment

  • Senior executive recruitment
  • Provide a functional/behavioural competency assessment centre for senior executives
  • Provide recruitment project consultancy
  • Coaching to determine road maps for senior executives

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Talent management

  • Strategic workforce analysis and planning
  • Competency modelling and evaluation
  • Functional and behavioural evaluation
  • Training and development process design and implementation support
  • Performance management process design
  • Facilitations for target setting sessions in performance management process
  • Career and succession planning process design and implementation support
  • New hire placement process design and management

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  • Senior management leadership efficiency analysis
  • Leadership model design
  • Provide behavioural and technical assessment / development centre
  • Senior management succession planning
  • Leadership alignment in change management

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Corporate Culture

  • Corporate culture analysis
  • Organisational behaviour analysis
  • Identify road maps and projects to change corporate culture
  • Analyse and define corporate values

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Change Management and Communication

  • Determine the vision for change
  • Ensure leadership harmonisation during the change management process
  • Prepare for change and provide stakeholder analysis
  • Define the internal communication strategy and support implementation
  • Provide project management support during change management
  • Analyse the impact of change and workforce transformation
  • Provide change management training

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Global Mobility

Turkish and Foreign Expatriates

  • Managing Risks and Compliance
  • Technology and Effectiveness
  • Deploying Talent Strategically

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Immigration Services

  • Work permits
  • Residency permits

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Employee Risk Management

Payroll Services

  • Services for standart payroll processes
  • Services for the free zone (Tecnopark, R&D & etc.) payroll processes
  • Senior executive payroll processes
  • Payroll check-up services
  • Training programmes

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Employment Law

  • Employment law consultancy
  • Advise on establishment and termination of labour agreements 
  • Workplace inspections
  • Employment Law Due Diligence

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Social Security Services

  • Social Security Consultancy
  • Social Security Check-up
  • Minimum Labour Consultancy
  • Employment Incentive Consultancy
  • Subcontractor Audit and Reporting Services
  • Retirement Consultancy
  • Social Security Services for Expats
  • Employee Assignments Abroad
  • Training and Seminars

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