Cloud Transformation

It’s time to accelerate your business outcomes, powered by the cloud

Define a bold vision and transform the entire organisation to unlock new sources of value and achieve true agility. By fusing new strategies together with technology as a source of competitive advantage, we’ll help you to compete, win and thrive in a world where technology is driving change and new opportunity.


Your cloud journey involves more than just evolving your IT.

It’s about transforming your business—everything from your technology, to your processes, to your people.

To get you there faster, we use our software accelerators, industry know-how and robust cloud engineering capabilities to create a business-first approach to the cloud.

Designed to enable innovation that creates new business models and amazing customer experiences, our cloud transformation solutions are human-led and tech-powered—helping you drive revenue for your business while managing risk and building resilience.

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Cloud transformation is about your business, not just technology

What is your biggest organisational opportunity?

Accelerate business transformation

Streamline operations and manage risk to drive revenue, business innovation, growth and resiliency.

Move beyond migration

Develop a business strategy to maximize cloud opportunities rather than simply initiating a cloud or data center migration IT transformation.

Power digital innovation

Reimagine customer experiences by boosting and enhancing cloud and digital innovation.

Our Capabilities

Strategy and transformation

Cloud-based business and operating models require a mind-shift in many ways. We help you to develop a holistic cloud strategy that is directly aligned with your business goals - taking into account both the individual situation of your company and the added value for your customers.

Reimagine your business, reduce complexity, and unleash your cloud potential.

  • Cloud adoption
  • Cloud first strategy
  • Cloud cost optimisation

Today, the question isn’t whether you’re going to move to the cloud but how you’ll do it and how fast. We help you redirect your cloud strategy from a purely technical focus to one that puts the needs of the business first.

Cloud Architecture

The design of a secure, modular, and scalable cloud architecture is an essential prerequisite for permanently cost-efficient cloud solutions. Together with you, we analyze all requirements and develop a tailor-made, stable and powerful architecture with which you can quickly implement your business model.

Modernization and migration

Migration to the cloud is anything but trivial, especially for business-critical applications. Among other things, dependencies and effects on the existing IT environment must be taken into account. Taking your individual IT landscape into account, we use proven methods to ensure a quick and smooth migration.

De-risk and streamline moving your business to the cloud.

  • Cloud migration 
  • Application modernisation 
  • Harness the power of containers, serverless and microservices

Combining our extensive industry knowledge with deep technical capabilities, we’ll help you move your most critical workloads to the cloud and modernize your infrastructure for the future.

Cloud-powered innovation

Bring best ideas to life faster, with cloud-native products and services.

  • Cloud native application development
  • Cloud application architecture
  • User experience optimisation with BXT Works

We use a repeatable, end-to-end delivery methodology to boost your ability to develop new digital offerings, applications and products in the cloud—and give your business an edge.

Operating model and workforce

Elevate your organisational capabilities to thrive in the cloud.

  • Develop a strong cloud operating model and blueprint for accelerated change
  • Enable a cloud-based business model across culture, roles, process and technology
  • Accelerate your organisation's upskilling journey

We help you design, execute and sustain a modern operating model built for the cloud, so you can take full advantage of the benefits of cloud transformation.

Industry cloud

Accelerate business outcomes with pre-built, fit-for-purpose solutions.

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