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Economic crimes such as fraud, corruption and commercial disputes can result in serious financial risks for companies. When not managed effectively, these issues may cause significant long-term damage, such as loss of reputation or impaired business relations, not to mention direct financial losses. The detection of economic crime and timely resolution of commercial disputes requires financial expertise and in-depth knowledge of regulatory matters. The effective resolution of such issues requires sectoral expertise, technical competence and the experience from similar companies and cases.

Our specialist Forensic Services Team can assist clients with providing training and workshops to share our experience and knowledge to help your employees respond to such events and solve problems effectively.

We help you with comprehensive and various number of training subjects ranging from fraud prevention and investigation, forensic technology, ethics and compliance to third party risks and crisis management tailor-made to your needs and expectations.

Fraud Prevention and Investigation

This training is designed for employees of all levels of Internal Audit, Internal Control, Law, Compliance, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, particularly those who take an active role in fraud investigation in their field and who want to advance in their career in fraud investigation expertise.

Training Program Content:

  • Overview of Fraud Risks
    • Definition and theory of abuse
    • PwC Global Economic Crimes Survey (Key findings, statistics and significant fraud risks)
    • Examples of significant fraud risks
    • PwC Fraud risk classification
    • Fraud risk management theory in light of the PwC Abuse circle
  • Fraud Investigation Process
    • Planning
    • Formation of the Review Team
    • Forensic Technology Services
    • Legal Risks
    • Reporting Process

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Fraud Awareness

Are your employees aware of the concepts of economic crime? Are you aware of the importance of training in the fight against economic crime?

Our trainings are organized in line with company needs, covering basic issues regarding the detection and prevention of fraud and customized to emphasize company-specific areas of risk; trainings are available on a company-wide basis or for specific departments, for example internal audit, internal control, accounting, finance or compliance. We also offer support in the introduction of important guidelines such as codes of ethics or compliance policies, providing training to employees to help them better understand the new policies and procedures.

Compliance & Ethics

This training is designed for senior management, internal audit, internal control, finance, accounting, human resources, law and compliance department managers and employees at all levels of bribery and corruption prevention.

Training Program Content:

  • Preparation and Management of Ethics and Compliance Policies and Procedures
  • Culture of Expression and Ethics
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Overview of International Compliance Legislation
  • Managing Third Party Risks

ABAC / FCPA / UKBA Compliance

  • Understand the anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation (ABAC, FCPA and UK Bribery Act) relevant to your Company
  • Understand who qualifies as a government official and the extreme care to be exercised in dealing with government officials
  • Understand the risks associated with gifts, meals and entertainment spending
  • Understand and apply the accounting and internal control provisions of the FCPA
  • Understand the special risks associated with 3rd party intermediaries (TPI’S)
  • Understand and apply the internal controls essential to mitigating our FCPA and UK Bribery Act compliance risks

Third Party Risk Management

Nowadays, third-party risk management has become vital for organisations while they turn toward outsourcing to reduce their operating costs. Managing these risks can help your organisation to mitigate potential compliance risks as well as financial and reputational loss.

This training includes the following content:

  • Internal control, internal audit and risk management concepts
  • Legislation and governance frameworks for third party risk management
  • Integrity due diligence and risk assessment of third parties
  • Determination of third-party evaluation and selection processes
  • Creation and operation of third-party risk management program
  • Third party performance monitoring

AML Compliance

Money laundering supports criminal gangs and finances international terrorism.  Preventing money laundering is becoming an increasing concern of global and Turkish financial regulation and legal authorities.  Financial institutions face an increasingly complex framework of rules and regulations and penalties for non-compliance have been severe.

This training is aimed at professionals working in the financial services sector. It is particularly relevant for individuals working in finance, compliance and legal.

Training Program Content:

  • Introduction to Money Laundering
  • Key anti-money laundering controls – Customer Due Diligence, Know Your Client, Transactions Monitoring.
  • International and Turkish Anti-Money laundering legislation and regulations
  • Penalties for facilitating money laundering
  • Suspicious transaction reporting
  • 3rd Party Risk Management
  • Interview & Interrogation Techniques

Data Analytics Through Visualisation

Data has transformed the world we live in. More and more companies are using data analytics to excel in the market place.

This course will take you through how data visualization can help to analyze data. We will provide step by step guidance during our hands-on exercises covering popular data visualization tools in the market.

We will address questions such as:

  • How can data visualization create impact by uncovering patterns and trends in the data?
  • What are the visual analytic tools available?
  • How can I learn the basics of the key features in these tools?
  • What are practical hints and tips in data visualization?

The benefits this will provide you are:

  • Recognize the application of data visualization in business settings
  • Hands on experience on data visualization tools
  • Recognize practical hints and tips on data visualization
  • Improve use of visualization to enhance your decision making

Interview & Interrogation Techniques

As large part of Forensic Services work consists of conducting interviews, this training will help you develop your forensic interviewing skills by practicing in real life situations with witness, suspect and whistleblower.

Training Program Content:

  • Introduction and theory of interviewing and exercises to practice intake interviews and witness interviews
  • Exercises to practice witness interviews and confronting interviews and exercises to practice confronting interviews with a lawyer present

We help professionals acquire technical skills and knowledge to perform and advance in their careers through.

"Investigate" Corporate Game

How to play Investigate?

An Investigate session involves playing the game in a facilitated workshop with teams of up to four people.

Players have access to a web-based investigation dashboard and work together in their team to help the company’s board understand whether fraud has taken place, and who was involved.

Teams compete against each other to undertake the best investigation and can see each other’s progress in real time. Players then submit their report and find out how they have performed.

Is your organization up for the challenge?

Click on details for "Investigate" Corporate Game

Ethics & Compliance Workshop

Increasing incidents of unethical behaviour and misconduct in various organisations shows the need for systematic measures to raise awareness amongst employees. In our Ethics & Compliance Workshop, we combine our theoretical knowledge with practical business cases to help you familiarise with the right tools while tackling with unethical behaviour and misconduct at the workplace.

Crisis Management Simulation

Build resilience, before a crisis hits.

We work with you to review and assess your current capabilities to manage a crisis through our Crisis Management Simulation. We’ll draw on the knowledge and experience of our crisis professionals from around the PwC network – and use our proprietary crisis simulation technology – to help you improve and enhance your crisis response strategy and capabilities. The result: you’ll be equipped with the governance, processes, tools and technology you need to respond with confidence to any crisis you might face.

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