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    Rising costs, expanding market demand, and increasing customer dissatisfaction will characterise healthcare in this decade and help redefine the roles of patients, providers and payors. Simply put, healthcare organisations face a growing imbalance of supply and demand. On the demand side is a large population of aging patients in deteriorating health who demand more services, pharmaceuticals, and medical breakthroughs. The supply side, however, is hampered by a shrinking pool of investment capital, a shortage of willing caregivers, and aging physical plants straining under the current volume of patients.

    Clearly, demand is driving the system and flipping the traditional paradigm in which many health systems attempted to control costs by controlling supply. Under these conditions, healthcare providers must meet the challenge of effectively managing patient demand while payors must drive patients to the most cost-effective providers. The healthcare organisations that prosper in this environment will be those that recognise the supply/demand imbalance and respond with flexible and effective processes for delivering superior customer service.

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    Leading healthcare providers, payors, and health sciences organisations turn to PwC for business insights and solutions. PwC range of capabilities and experience means that we can provide integrated solutions that support the strategic objectives of your entire organisation. Our global network of heathcare industry experts provide assurance, tax, and advisory services that are grounded in an unmatched understanding of the entire healthcare system and the dynamics that drive it. On every project, we use our unparalleled network of resources to provide powerful strategies that help you succeed in a competitive and changing marketplace.

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