International Tax Services

Our experienced team is ready to help with the cross-border investment transactions foreign investors carry out in Turkey and Turkish investors carry out abroad, in coordination with our international tax teams in the relevant countries, to ensure business processes are implemented as quickly as possible by integrating with project teams in a fast and practical manner.   

Therefore, we are at your service to provide you with the most appropriate tax structuring support based on your needs related to the following issues and others:

  • Structuring holding companies in Turkey and abroad
  • Joint ventures and assets/business transfers
  • Initial public offerings in Turkey and abroad
  • Central purchasing-sales, treasury, IP (intellectual property) company design
  • Tax structuring during the establishment or redesign of a value chain
  • Evaluating financing structures in terms of tax during the establishment of models, and providing support for establishing the appropriate structure
  • Structuring and analysing all cross-border payments in line with regulations
  • Substance tests
  • Establishing legal infrastructures for all structuring processes
  • Risk analysis for permanent establishments, dependent agencies, liaison office structures
the above mentioned models/structures,
  • Analysis within the framework of bilateral tax agreements and investment protection agreements,
  • Evaluation within the framework of controlled foreign company regulations,
  • Evaluation in the light of precautions (BEPS) taken globally against tax base erosion,
  • Analysis of the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI), the Common Reporting System (CRS/FATCA), and similar international initiatives.  
international tax services

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Burcu Canpolat Hızel

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