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PwC offers the asset management industry globally integrated assurance, tax consulting and risk management, research and analysis.

How can we help?

As in the rest of the world, the asset and wealth management industry in Turkey is growing, and regulations, compliance, risk management, reporting and taxing are becoming bound by more rigid and complex laws. Investors prefer easy-to-access solutions, more trustworthy service providers and more transparent investment products. Investors need and are interested in alternative asset classifications and investment products, having their portfolios managed professionally and collective investment tools based on risk allocation principles.

Moreover, we predict that managers who can diversify solutions, products and services and provide customer-oriented service as well as manage risks and costs of investors well and follow regulations will prevail in an atmosphere of strong competition.

At PwC we support the future of all our clients of all sizes with tax planning, set up of various investment structures and funds, processes and reporting infrastructure, FATCA and CRS compliance, governance, support for choosing and improving IT infrastructure, auditing and strategy with our global network of specialists.

Who do we provide services for?
  • Individual investors
  • Portfolio management companies
  • Investment advisors
  • Private banking and wealth management entities
  • Country funds
  • Venture capital funds and partnerships
  • Real estate investment funds and partnerships
  • Securities investment funds and partnerships
  • Family companies 
  • Pension funds

Assets under management (AuM) will continue to grow rapidly. We estimate that by 2025 AuM will have almost doubled – rising from US$84.9 trillion in 2016 to US$145.4 trillion in 2025.

Our Services

Tax Consultancy

Both for companies operating in the financial industry and in other industries

  • we provide tax consultancy services for structuring financial products (derivatives, Islamic financial tools, leasing and factoring, debt securities, investment funds and partnerships, structured products, etc.) and services (loans, acting as capital market intermediary, investment consultancy, etc.),
  • and for foreign financial transactions.

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Transfer Pricing

Both for companies operating in the financial industry and for financial transactions of companies operating in other industries we provide a professional and independent point of view concerning

  • Review of transfer pricing policies,
  • Review of agreements regulating related party transactions,
  • Developing function and risk profiles,
  • Determining the transfer pricing method most appropriate for the nature of your related party transactions, and
  • Supporting related transactions with economic analysis and a database in terms of internal and external comparables.

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Tax Certification and Sworn Financial Advisor Service

Tax certification services significantly decrease the possibility of errors that might be found during a tax inspection performed by the Ministry of Finance. Furthermore, the Ministry of Finance states that firms for which tax certification reports are issued will not be inspected as long as there are no complaints or special cases, and that firms with no tax certification report will be prioritised when scheduling inspections.

The scope of tax certification can be summarised under three titles: tax certification audit, tax calculations and reporting.

We think it’s important that tax certification services not only lower tax inspection risk but also result in early detection and correction of wrongful tax practices. We also believe the tax planning opportunities detected during audits and provided to company management to be important added value generated by tax certification.

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FATCA brings various obligations to all financial corporations including those in Turkey in terms of compliance with this legislation. To be FATCA-compliant, financial corporations should detect accounts originating from the USA, make their systems FATCA-compliant in order to report these accounts in line with FATCA audit and verification procedures and set up their procedures to carry out withholding when necessary.

In this scope we help you by

  • Analysing your company’s current situation by determining the business manner and business model (along with affiliates in the scope of FATCA, if available),
  • Setting up a FATCA model to make compliance processes compliant in the current situation and preparing compliance guides,
  • Providing consultancy services throughout all compliance processes, and
  • Raising staff awareness, speeding up in-house decision mechanisms and providing trainings for know-how sharing.

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Current Situation

  • We focus on corporate tax issues and the transaction taxes of the target client during mergers and acquisitions. In this scope, we go through all tax returns and provide insight concerning taxation and updated transaction taxes by using the sampling method and information from the last five years.
  • We also provide intermediary service for both the seller and buyer parties, with definitive reviews and current situation service, and we create value by determining important issues and risks throughout our review.

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