Program, Project & Change Management

Delivering programme performance, shaping the best approaches, responding to crisis situations.

Our unique group of Program and Project Management Professionals bring broad and deep subject matter expertise, with a focus on risk, to help our clients navigate the change management and deliver enhanced results to their organisations.


Programme and Project Management (PPM)

Delivering meaningful change and achieving your vision requires structuring and efficient management of a set of programmes and projects. Our dedicated group of professionals are responsible for the turnkey management of high-impact, high-risk and multi-stakeholder projects and programmes that require involvement of cross-functional teams.

Our ultimate goal in providing programme and project management consultancy is to enable our clients to use their limited resources more effectively and maximise the impact of projects for all relevant stakeholders by change management within a holistic set of services.

Driving value for you

The scale and pace of change required to succeed in business is increasing. As a result, organisations must invest in their projects and programmes to deliver the strategic changes they need.

Our team helps businesses define, prioritise, mobilise and manage the right projects and programmes to deliver the right changes. We help to structure and operate multiple projects, using project management services. We provide independent assurance and assessment on existing projects. We can also assist in risk management and programme recovery.

Our Services

Programme and Project Management

We want to discuss with you execution and delivery capability to improve the management and delivery of projects and programmes in both traditional and ‘agile’ ways including project risk management and on structured identification, quantification and management of work to support realization of your business benefits and value.

Our team is dedicated to supporting international financial, public and non-profit organizations navigate complex systems efficiently. We offer expertise in monitoring and tracking the project coordination, execution of project tasks, budgeting and quality management processes. With our tailor-made strategies, we empower clients to streamline operations, and engage stakeholders effectively.

Project Management Offices – PMOs are essential in helping businesses boost their efficiency, productivity and value delivery. They can also play a critical role in streamlining projects designed to help businesses meet their rapidly evolving needs. 

Our PPM practice has a passion for helping its clients execute their strategies and pathways for the optimal set of projects to support you in realizing benefits. It makes the best use of limited resources, and building synergies between projects using the latest digital tools and artificial intelligence. 

Bid and Proposal Management

Bidding in a competitive landscape demands more than just compliance; it requires a “compelling narrative”. Our Bid and Proposal Management services go beyond documentation; we craft strategic narratives that resonate with your audience including International Financial Institutions. From meticulous content creation to a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape, we position the bids for success.

We have a global track record of delivering high-impact, high-risk and multi-stakeholder projects and programmes in several sectors/industries and the team is grounded in their experience implementing the projects with success.

Change Management

Our clients are dealing with unprecedented change driven by factors including the shift in global economic power, generational changes, an ageing population, the digital economy and the emergence of global players disrupting traditional sectors.

Many businesses have capacity challenges when it comes to delivering large scale projects and programmes. This can include a lack of available expertise, gaps in sector knowledge, or access to technical capability. Any of these challenges can manifest as a problem for the desired delivery outcome.

We have a large pool of experienced professionals, who act as a backbone for developing, implementing and managing the right programmes and projects. The PPM team can bring in specific expertise across multiple business areas as needed. We embed and deliver rapid change in a flexible manner, as your projects demands.

The Difference

The Difference

The Difference is PwC's collaboration and co-creation methodology. We bring your best minds together to build solutions with the alignment and buy-in required to make change stick.

We help you bring the right people together in one room to ignite organisational change, aligning on where you need to get to and designing a route to get there far quicker than traditional methods.


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