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Digital transformation, new market players, changing customer expectations and new business models: the transport and logistics industry is changing. To keep your competitiveniss it’s time to take action.

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Clients are getting more demanding and the challenges are increasing. In the era of Logistics 4.0, one of our most important tasks is supporting our clients with their interconnected and digital supply chains. In addition, we help to make structures and processes more efficient and identify new business areas.

Our experts offer insights, guidance and solutions to address the complex needs of the transportation and logistics industry and its sub-sectors.

Logistics & Post

Postal operators and large logistics providers play a dominant role as key stakeholders in the transportation and logistics industry. In recent years some former national Posts changed completely to become multinational providers of complex logistics and financial services.

At the same time, former Posts profit from their years of experience in collecting, processing, transporting and delivering national and international mail in order to develop and provide a broader palette of logistics based services.

Further, many existing logistics and express companies have expanded beyond simple delivery services and are now managing processes along the entire supply chain.

These ongoing trends have changed the face of an industry which has become increasingly focused on serving customers in all parts of the world.

PwC's Logistics and Post practice has grown in step with the industry, supporting our clients through industry restructurings, regulatory transformations, technological advances, changes in financial reporting and new corporate governance requirements.

Our experience and network of dedicated logistics and post industry practitioners positions PwC to provide clients with quality audit and business advisory services uniquely tailored to the specific needs of national and multinational post companies and logistics service providers.

We help our clients reach these objectives by providing services to:

  • Posts
  • Courier, Express and Parcel Service Providers
  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Freight Forwarders

Shipping & Ports

The international shipping industry has an undisputed, major contribution to global transportation & logistics.

The shipping industry has historically been highly cyclical, experiencing significant volatility in vessel values, freight rates and shareholder returns.

It is highly affected by changes in the international economic and political environment. Increasing regulation, volatility in financial markets, risk of piracy, technological breakthroughs and environmental concerns have added to a very challenging business environment that puts even experienced shipping executives to the test.

We are focused on assisting companies in the shipping industry to face the challenges and manage the risks of this ever changing world and to help them continue to be successful in this exciting industry. Our experience and network of dedicated industry practitioners positions PwC to provide you with quality audit and professional services uniquely tailored to the needs of a leading shipping company, whether family owned or publicly listed, large or small.

We create value for our clients representing:

  • Marine Shipping
  • Inland Water Transportation
  • Ports (Sea and Inland)

Airlines & Airports

The industry recovery has reached an apex as airlines have focused inwardly on capacity reduction, yield management, ancillary revenue growth, consolidation and balance sheet strength.

Looking ahead, airlines will need to pivot and redirect their focus on the customer when considering fleet renewal and expansion; transforming distribution strategies and models; offering innovative and personalised services; creating more value in loyalty programs; empowering staff to make faster and better decisions; and integrating joint venture, alliance and code-share partners to create a seamless, consistent and attractive travel experience.

Further, the permanent threat of terrorism creates an additional element of uncertainty and challenges airlines and travel companies to implement highly effective security and risk management systems. Heavy investments can be observed in fleets and required infrastructure.

Central to the successful delivery of PwC’s services is an in-depth understanding of today’s aviation issues and an unwavering commitment to identifying innovative solutions that produce economic value. That’s how PwC earns the trust of our clients and why we are a leading professional services provider to top-tier private and public sector clients in the airline industry. Through our international network of airline and airport resources and effective garnering of leading industry practices, we help clients resolve their most complex and perplexing business issues.

We provide our services to:

  • Airlines
  • Airport Operators
  • Ground Handling Companies
  • Air Traffic Control Companies

Rail & infrastructure

Demand for public transport is growing as a result of congestion and environmental concern. Furthermore, operators have limited infrastructure capacity, and thus have difficulty meeting this demand. Public transport competes with roads for investment funds, and planning processes mean that transport infrastructure projects take a long time to deliver.

We advise private sector bidders, we help them to develop structures that allow them to access local and international funds.

By optimizing maintenance practices and implementing quality management systems we guarantee to improve the efficiency in transport operations.

We work with governments, shaping their policy, developing frameworks and helping them to implement PPPs, industry by industry.

We reconcile investors' need for profit with the requirements of Government for political and financial transparency. As an independent adviser, we engineer a truly competitive bidding process.

We provide our services to

  • Rail Operators
  • Infrastructure Operators (Bridges, Toll Roads)
  • Governments
  • Private Investors
  • Investment Funds

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