Information Security Policy

PwC Turkey pays great attention to the security of the data it keeps. PwC Turkey adhere to internationally recognized security standards and our information security management system relating to client confidential data is independently certified as complying with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001: 2022. PwC Turkey has policies, procedures and training in place for data protection, and regularly reviews the appropriateness of the measures it has in place to keep the data it holds secure.

PwC Turkey Information Security Policy aims to protect information assets from internal or external threats such that:

  •  Data subject rights are respected
  • Confidentiality of information is maintained
  • Integrity of information can be relied upon
  • Information is available when the business needs it
  • Relevant statutory, regulatory, and contractual obligations are met
  • The PwC brand is protected
  • Continual improvement of Information Security Management System is ensured
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