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Social security legislation, which has been updated in recent years, brings major opportunities for companies, but it also brings risk due to its complicated structure, and the number of audits is increasing steadily.

With our team, which is specialised and experienced in social security legislation practices and has the relevant know-how and experience in the public Turkish Social Security Institution, PwC Turkey provides solutions for you in relation to key matters related to the social security world to ensure that your company is aligned with the relevant laws in effect, manages risks properly and in a timely manner, and takes advantage of incentive opportunities with efficient and correct planning

Reduce your risks and discover your opportunities on all issues related to social security

Our team members have provided services for many years, are specialised in social security legislation practices, are pioneers and are the most experienced, and they are ready to work with you.

We are ready to provide services with our team which:

  • provides solution recommendations by determining customer specific needs quickly and reliably,
  • provides solution recommendations specialised for specific sectors,
  • is part of PwC's labour and social security experts team across 158 countries worldwide.

How can we help?

Social security consultancy

With our professional staff, PwC Turkey provides assistance related to social security legislation in the following matters:

  • workplace declarations, employee registration and de-registration,
  • employer responsibility in incidents such as work accidents and occupational disease,
  • the determination of social security premium rates and earnings subject to social security premiums,
  • determining a workplace’s hazard category and level (NACE) and procedures related to changes,
  • declaring incapacity of insured persons who obtain medical reports for rest,
  • determining the type, nature and law numbers of monthly premium and service documents,
  • administrative fine practices, objections and seeking legal remedies,
  • social security inspections and litigation processes.

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Check-up audit

Check-up audit provides the following:

  • awareness of risks for businesses and correction of unlawful practices before any sanctions are imposed,
  • retrospective benefits for opportunities not claimed (i.e. incentives, refunds of premiums),
  • prevention of inaccurate and unnecessary premium payments,
  • enhanced knowledge regarding social security legislation related to human resources, finance and legal department employees.

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Minimum labour consultancy

With our professional staff, PwC Turkey provides assistance related to:

  • minimum labour practices in construction work,
  • practices related to minimum labour in work put out for tender,
  • strategies to be followed in SSI research and inspections related to minimum labour,
  • determination of rates, objections and seeking legal remedies related to minimum labour,
  • reconciliation related to minimum labour,
  • obtaining discharge certificates from the SSI,
  • preparation of YMM (sworn financial advisor) reports related to minimum labour.

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Employment incentive consultancy

With our professional staff, PwC Turkey provides assistance related to:

  • making maximum use of employment incentives,
  • creating employment incentive strategies appropriate for the workplace,
  • benefiting from multiple incentives,
  • opportunities to benefit retrospectively from unused incentives.

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Subcontractor review and reporting

With our professional staff, PwC Turkey provides assistance in matters such as:

  • accurate determination of managers’ social security holder statuses,
  • the path to follow for high retirement pensions,
  • conflicts in insured statuses,
  • paying premiums for multiple insured statuses simultaneously,
  • indebtedness applications,
  • pension calculations and application procedures.

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Expat social security

We provide professional consultancy services in the following matters to companies that employ foreign personnel:

temporary assignments,

social security procedures for expats from countries with which Turkey does not have a bilateral social security treaty,

social security procedures for expats from countries with which Turkey has a bilateral social security treaty,

combining service applications,

transfer of social security premiums and lump-sum payment procedures.

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Employee assignments abroad

With our professional staff, PwC Turkey provides assistance in the following matters:

  • employment of Turkish workers in countries which do not have bilateral social security treaties with Turkey,
  • temporary and permanent worker assignments in countries which have bilateral social security treaties with Turkey,
  • engagements and assignments in Germany of Turkish companies within the scope of the Turkey- Germany Exemption Treaty,
  • Turkish workers assigned in Libya within the scope of the Turkey-Libya bilateral social security treaty.


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Training and seminars

We hold exclusive trainings and seminars for companies on social security legislation and recent changes, as well as general trainings and seminars.

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