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Social Security Consultancy


HR professionals need expert support in the face of the complexity of the social security legislation, its frequent changes, and the lack of standard unity among SSI units in some transactions. In this context, with the consultancy support we provide on legislation and its implementation, we support both the execute of works and transactions in accordance with the legislation, and HR professionals to save time, manage risks correctly and take advantage of opportunities.

We can list the services we provide in this scope as follows;

  • Compliance of practices such as workplace declarations, monthly notification to SSI, employee registration and de-registration,

  • Employer responsibility in incidents such as work accidents and occupational disease,

  • The determination of social security premium rates and earnings subject to premiums,

  • Determining a workplace’s hazard category and level (NACE) and procedures related to changes,

  • Determining the type, nature and law numbers of monthly premium and service documents,

  • Preparation and approval of Withholding Tax Return and Social Security Declaration,

  • Support in the processes of re-employment , mediation and mutual termination agreements,

  • Managing the remote working practices in accordance with the legislation,

  • Subcontractor relations, operations and management of the risks in this regard,

  • Administrative fine practices, objections and seeking legal remedies,

  • Social security inspections and litigation processes.

  • Preparation of applications, objections and response petitions to SSI,

  • Sharing information with clients regarding current changes,

  • Periodic meetings for carrying out works,

  • As PwC Turkey, we provide assistance with our professional staff to enhanced knowledge of human resources, finance and legal department personnels regarding social security legislation.

Social security consultancy

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Celal Özcan

Celal Özcan

Social Security Services, Director

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