The services we offer under “Risk Assurance Services” focus on the risks in companies and the development and enhancement of basic controls related to process and technology structures applied to manage these risks, and therefore a more effective management.

Complexity of business life and regulations, growing competitive environment and the new administrative models coming into our lives have been increasing the demand for consultancy and assurance services regarding areas of risk, process and technology.

Our main goal is to become the strategic business partners of our clients through adding value to our clients by combining our sectoral experience with our competences and solutions.

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Oktay Aktolun
Risk Assurance Services Partner
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Tumin Gültekin
Risk Assurance Services Partner
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PwC State of the Internal Audit Profession Study

With the annual internal audit survey conducted globally, we provide opinions of companies' top managements about the value adds by their internal audit units, their perception of the effects over changing economic circumstances and risk appetites.

PwC Global Portfolio and Programme Management Survey

The report assessing the survey results in detail was published in September 2014.