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Enterprise Resource Planning is the backbone of your company. Early detection of risks is crucial for effective decision making and a well designed ERP system should provide real-time and reliable access to information. It should incorporate both an effective internal audit system and an internal control system so that your company can effectively manage its assets in a competitive environment, against a shifting regulatory landscape.

Let our operational risk and technology services experts show you how your ERP system can be an organising force as well as a powerful executive tool. Let us show you how an upgraded ERP system can improve business performance and give a market advantage to your Company. We’ve developed a world-wide network of specialised professionals with sector-specific expertise. We’ll use this “Global Best Practices” database to bring you best services available.

Our ERP Services

Advisory Solutions for ERP Controls

  • ERP Pre-implementation Review
  • ERP Post Implementation Review
  • Design and Application of ERP-supported Controls
  • Review of existing ERP Authorisation Infrastructure and Segregation of Duties Violations

ERP Optimisation Solutions

ERP Training Services

  • SAP Training and Certification
  • Auditing SAP training
  • Auditing ERP training

SAP GRC Installation Services

  • SAP GRC Access Control (AC) Implementation
  • SAP GRC Process Control (PC) Implementation
  • SAP GRC Risk Management (RM) Implementation
  • SAP GRC Fraud Management (FM) Implementation
  • SAP GRC Audit Management (AM) Implementation

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