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Do you really know your processes?

Process Intelligence

Data-driven Process Intelligence

Today, to run your business efficiently, you need an effective control over its operational mechanisms.

Understanding the real flow of your business processes is paramount when you want to improve process effectiveness or efficiency, ensure quality or compliance, standardise, or detect anomalies or fraud.

PwC Process Intelligence - Data-driven process analysis

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Do you know everything about your company's processes? 

Be it for procurement, for sales or for insurance claim approvals, there is often a gap between how processes are intended to be and what they are in reality.

There are many reasons for this: the complexity of business and system landscapes:

  • changes that have occurred over time, 
  • exceptions to process blueprints for operational reasons, 
  • users with too much freedom within the IT systems, 
  • and finally, people who often only see some of the processes whilst missing the complete picture.

Identifying and understanding these gaps is imperative to boosting your operational effectiveness and efficiency.


PwC Process Intelligence is an innovative process-analysis methodology based on detailed data from your IT systems

We analyse the data from your IT systems as used by your people from day to day. We unveil what really happens in your business processes and enable you to proper assessing key indicators.

We identify irregularities in real process flows


we show the true picture based on the original source data


we analyse the full data set; no sampling


we use innovative tools to obtain results quickly


we drill down into all the key process areas as far the data is available


we analyse processes from all possible perspectives

Process transparency

  • Process overview and volumes through data lens,
  • Evaluation of level of process standardization and control. 

A process health-check dashboard

  • Initial insight regarding root causes of the issues and bottlenecks in the People, Processes, system dimensions,
  • Comparison of behaviours per entity, between analysed periods or service types.

Assessment of key process-effectiveness indicators

  • Lead times in transactions / activities,
    (e.g. purchase doc to good receipt, good receipt to invoice, invoice to payment)
  • Use of expected controls (e.g. 3-way match) and segregation of duties.

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