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Discover the power of comprehensive change as we delve into the realms of business process optimization, technology modernization, and strategic realignment. Whether you're embarking on your ERP journey or seeking seasoned insights, PwC offers valuable guidance and practical advice for ensuring a seamless transformation process. Explore the path to enhanced efficiency, operational excellence, and sustained competitiveness in the digital age.


SAP-enabled business transformation

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Operating in a challenging environment requires future-proof processes. In the face of change you need the ability to adapt, embrace innovative technologies and think creatively. There’s no more solid or versatile foundation than the new SAP S/4HANA platform.

Whether you’re seeking to harmonise processes across the organisation, go back to standard SAP functionality, optimise processes in pursuit of excellence or upgrade your ERP system to continue enjoying SAP support, adopting the new platform is a creative opportunity. We at PwC have the supply chain and operations transformation capability to help you make designing and implementing S/4HANA into a process of transformation. The outcome: lasting value for your entire business and its stakeholders.

Imagine the possibilities: in conjunction with the right business solutions, SAP S/4HANA is a chance to rethink the way you operate, from your finance function and digital boardroom to your supply chain and cloud strategy. Ultimately it’s an opportunity to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

Our services

We’ll help you take a step back and look at your processes holistically from end to end to see where you can optimise and transform to align your business even more closely with your strategic priorities.

We’ll apply our industry, process and technology skills to design SAP solutions that match the specifics of your industry and business.

We’ll implement the solutions identified with you to deliver actionable, sustainable results.

We’ll provide you with the comprehensive consulting, system integration and implementation services you need across multiple SAP applications, products and technologies.


Business Technology (BT) and Architecture

The new generation of ERP solutions is taking shape as best-of-breed cloud architectures, with a multitude of heterogeneous business and technology solutions driving the success of organisations through integrated data and business processes.

We at PwC can help companies define their ERP application and technology architectures, all the way from the strategy and road map to design and deployment.

PwC has a unique partnership with SAP ‒ RISE with SAP, Transcend with PwC ‒ to help companies maximise the benefits of RISE with SAP. We enable them to design and deploy their cloud architectures leveraging SAP’s reference architectures and operational models tailored for their preferred cloud hyperscaler and their compliance and security requirements.

We also help companies automate data and business process integrations amid heterogeneous business and technology solutions and challenging compliance requirements (e.g. SOX and cross-border data residency). PwC is uniquely positioned to help companies get the best out of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), using its SAP Integration Suite and third-party integration tools to achieve a compliant and automated integration architecture.

Business Technology (BT) and Architecture

ESG Steering and Reporting

Incorporating ESG data is now crucial for companies to thrive in the dynamic world we live in today. What’s needed is a comprehensive ESG strategy that transcends compliance and can generate tangible value and  elevate a company’s risk management, operations and overall performance.

Transparency and accountability can be achieved by integrating ESG considerations into all business functions, empowering organisations to achieve their sustainability goals. PwC recognises that technology is essential in enabling holistic ESG strategies. To this end, we have partnered with SAP, pooling our collective expertise and leveraging SAP’s new sustainable business solutions, to help companies adopt a technology-driven approach to sustainable value creation and growth.

With our expertise we can help you to apply these solutions to meet your specific regulatory requirements, steer your value creation and make you adaptable in the face of the rapidly changing regulatory landscape. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights through system integrations, companies can go beyond mere compliance, access new opportunities such as circular economy and enhance stakeholder engagement. With growing pressure from stakeholders to prioritise sustainability, leading companies recognise this as an opportunity to develop and differentiate themselves. What about you?

ESG Steering and Reporting

SAP Enterprise Data Management

Master data is one of the main pillars of your company’s operations. Ensuring its consistency, high quality and reliability is fundamental to establishing efficient and effective processes along with accurate reporting and fact-based decision-making. To stay competitive in today’s dynamic market, you need a well-governed single source of truth supported by a structured data governance organisation.

We’re your trusted partner of choice for any end-to-end enterprise data management and transformation initiative. We take you from strategy to execution, including designing and implementing a new target operating model, migrating data, establishing data governance processes, designing a consistent unified data model and ensuring a smooth transition.

SAP Enterprise Data Management

SAP Enterprise Performance Management

With our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) offering, we make sure you have the right information at the right time to help you enhance your ability to manage your business. Here are the key capabilities of EPM as part of our service offering:

Business strategy
We can help you build the right information model for your business – achieving greater data accuracy and reliability. We’ll align your KPIs with your strategic objectives and define the perfect balance of forward-looking and lagging indicators to give you a crystal clear overview of performance.

Planning, budgeting and forecasting
We’ll help you redesign your planning processes, select the right planning approach for your organisation and support you with implementing the necessary changes.

Close and consolidation
Our experts work across the entire close process – including closing sub-ledgers, financial consolidation, account reconciliations and disclosure management.

Performance analytics and reporting
We can help assess your current capabilities, establish your analytics strategy and figure out how to take your existing capabilities to the next level of strategic insight. All supported by intuitive dashboards and user-friendly reports delivering key performance insights.

SAP Enterprise Performance Management

SAP Finance Transformation

Digital disruption and a rapidly changing operating environment are challenging the finance function to go much further than ever before.

Some CFOs and their teams are already applying finance technology such as advanced analytics and model predictive control to extract value and insight from their financial data that will improve the performance of the entire business.

Process automation and excellence are enabling finance operations to run much more efficiently, freeing up resources to concentrate on truly value-adding tasks.

Where are you on this journey? Is your finance function ready to be a catalyst for transformation in your business? Is your business ready for finance to take on this new, more strategic and forward-looking role?

Supply Chain, Operations and Commercial Transformation

We facilitate full-cycle business and IT transformations to help you successfully digitalise your entire supply chain using the latest available business and technology innovations.

We offer end-to-end (E2E) advice, all the way from defining your supply chain strategy through process consulting and full-cycle S/4HANA implementations. We’re recognised as one of the leading consulting companies in the SAP business.

We have experts in all areas of supply chain management, including transportation management, quality management, sales and distribution, warehouse management and procurement.

Together with our reporting and analytics team, we’ll help you monitor your supply chain KPIs in real time, empowering you to make proactive decisions and an immediate response to changes.

Supply Chain, Operations and Commercial Transformation

PwC and SAP

SAP’s technology, whether it’s SAP Finance, S/4HANA, cloud ERP or their many other offerings, can streamline your company’s processes and redefine efficiency. With years of experience implementing SAP’s products and co-innovating on new ways to use their technologies, PwC can enable their solutions to meet your business outcomes. Thanks to our deep industry know-how and comprehensive consulting capabilities, PwC can deliver the right SAP applications, products and technologies to your organization.


PwC’s award-winning work with SAP

SAP presents these awards annually to the top partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with SAP and helping customers run better. Winners and finalists in 30 categories were chosen based on recommendations from the SAP field, customer feedback and performance indicators.

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