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SAP’s technology, whether it’s SAP Finance, S/4HANA, cloud ERP or their many other offerings, can streamline your company’s processes and redefine efficiency. With years of experience implementing SAP’s products and co-innovating on new ways to use their technologies, PwC can enable their solutions to meet your business outcomes. Thanks to our deep industry know-how and comprehensive consulting capabilities, PwC can deliver the right SAP applications, products and technologies to your organization.

PwC's SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution

PwC's SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution

PwC's SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution helps you redefine what's next in the intelligent enterprise.

Our Solutions

SAP solutions developed within the framework of PwC.


A fully integrated SAP module to generate and upload VAT Refund reports in line with legal formats.

An SAP solution to generate, preview, transmit e-invoices out of SD, FI and MM modules.

An SAP solution to generate, preview, send e-deliverynote by capturing shipment, returns & material movement.

An SAP solution that creates, e-signs and sends e-ledgers in line with Revenue Administration standards.

Makes it possible to instantly generate reports required for import, export and inward processing.

A tool for preparing Recycling Contribution Fee tax return and uploading to TRA e-declaration system.

A tool for generating, analysing and storing reports with SAP data in legal formats.

An SAP tool that provides SAP HR solutions for calculating and reporting support and incentives.

It is the solution for automatic transfer of incoming e-Invoices to the SAP system.

It is a solution that enables you to track all contracts of your business in IFRS16 standards.

It is a solution package that enables the creation and reporting of all records in accordance with IFRS standards.

It is the integration cockpit that enables non-SAP bank integration products to communicate with SAP.

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Our Services

SAP License Sales Services

We offer SAP license solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring that you receive the highest level of support during your digital transformation journey.

SAP Maintenance-Support Services

We provide technical support and system improvement services in response to requests received through the PwC Client Collaboration Hub system. Our goal is to enable your business to operate its SAP systems seamlessly and gain a competitive advantage through further development.

SAP Implementation Consultancy Services

End to end SAP implementation projects with SAP S/4HANA and RISE. We help your business to achieve a successful digital transformation process by matching your requirements with the appropriate SAP solutions.

SAP Localization Services

We support the implementation process in compliance with local Turkish tax and legal requirements by performing the necessary SAP configurations and integrations as part of the global roll-out process.

SAP Inflation Accounting and VUK Consultancy Services

Our SAP inflation accounting VUK consulting service, delivered in conjunction with our highly experienced tax team, is implemented using SAP's standard configuration. Following the tax analysis process, our project team assesses the assets and other non-monetary accounts within the SAP Inflation Accounting module in accordance with the current inflation accounting regulations, thereby creating accounting records.

Project Management Services

Our commitment is to support you throughout your journey of transforming SAP strategies into tangible results, from the initial planning phase to the final implementation stage.

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