Start-Ups and Scale-Ups

We bring together start-ups, companies, and investors to create common value.

To overcome the challenges of growth, PwC Türkiye stands by entrepreneurs with services related to strategic requirements and local and global resources.

Hande Sözmen

Eray Kumdereli
Advisory Services, Partner, PwC Türkiye 
Tel: +90 212 376 5346

Hande Sözmen

Hande Sözmen
Advisory Services, Director, PwC Türkiye
Tel: +90 212 326 2311

From Start-Up to Scale–Up

PwC Türkiye continues to provide end-to-end solutions

in financial advisory services, legal consulting, tax consulting and international expansion consulting to the venture ecosystem. Our exclusive services can be categorised under four headings: Start-Up, Scale, Raise and CVC.

We provide access to a network pool of new customers, markets, and investors.

Our goal is to enable you to connect with all stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem and make use of all the advantages of our extensive network of experts.

Venture and Start-up Services

Every company needs a different growth strategy, and their roadmaps will differ based on their products and industries. With our experts and industry consultants, we stand by you throughout this process.

It is very complicated to determine the main strategy correctly and overcome growth pressure later.

Our Services


With a team of over 250 subject matter experts, and especially our advisory and valuation teams, we support you in all matters that concern you and your venture across Türkiye.

Our main services:

  • Portfolio and investment round valuation
  • Due diligence
  • International expansion and growth strategy
  • Legal
  • Tax
  • Investment incentives
  • ISO consultancy and certification
  • Assurance


PwC Türkiye cooperates closely with entrepreneurs to help them in their global expansion by defining a common customised roadmap for tax, legal, investor relations and financial advisory.

With a focus on business development in local and international markets and on commercial opportunities, we support you by providing an international expansion and growth programme, customised services, and the right strategy to prepare your enterprise for the next stage of growth.

Global market analysis & target market analysis

  • What types of choices do we make to get ahead of competitors?
  • What competencies, processes, technologies, and organisational structure do we need for growth?
  • What are the current boundaries of our operation?
  • How do we access the right human resources?


Fund raising is a very important, crucial step for ventures that may take all of your time.

Entrepreneurs risk losing focus on businesses when seeking the most appropriate, best investors for their goals.

With services from business planning to the preparation of deals, PwC Türkiye supports all entrepreneurs in this process.

  • Support in preparing your business plan and financial model
  • Access to venture capital companies and investors in the PwC network
  • Support in your company in fund rising round

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)

The concept of corporate venture capital is a new business term with a view of giveback.

This type of capital is also supported by R&D incentives.

PwC Türkiye has a roadmap for CVC.  To make use of PwC’s experience, network, and achievements in Türkiye and around the world, you can contact us now. 


  • Ecosystem consultancy
  • CVC strategy and design
  • Option and strategy evaluation in consolidation and diversification processes
  • Corporate venture capital
  • Exit strategy evaluation


  • Investment
  • Market analysis
  • Determination of potential goals
  • Investment purpose, minimum investment amount, authority sharing and other criteria
  • Organisation
  • Tax and legal structuring
  • Organisational structure
  • Resource management
  • Communication
  • Ecosystem configuration


  • Making the investment/deal
  • Investigating target start-ups
  • Valuation
  • Financial modelling
  • Scenario and synergy analysis
  • Due diligence

Portfolio management

  • Portfolio valuation
  • Control and KPI follow-up
  • Reporting
  • Exit process
  • Integration with the main business line
  • Share sales
  • Public offering

The Brand Journey of the Entrepreneur

  • How can I position my brand to fulfill 21st century market trends?
  • What should my brand strategy be?
  • How can I make my brand the first preference of consumers?
  • How can I challenge the market beyond the market leader ?

PwC Türkiye continuously supports entrepreneurs...

In line with our mission, we find answers to important questions with the help of experts: What should entrepreneurs do when positioning their brands? What kind of strategies should they follow? Our episodes will be streamed on the PwC Türkiye YouTube channel and we will answer questions.

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Eray Kumdereli

Eray Kumdereli

Advisory Services Partner, PwC Türkiye

Telefon: +90 212 376 5302

Hande Sözmen

Hande Sözmen

Advisory Services, Director, PwC Türkiye

Telefon: +90 212 326 2311

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