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Minimum Labour Consultancy

Minimum labor practice related to construction and tender works is a special area of social security expertise that requires technical knowledge and experience. Especially in long-term and large-scale infrastructure and superstructure construction projects, controlling the process from beginning to end and reporting the risks will be helpful obtaining the SSI clearance certificate at the end of the work and prevent unexpected financial burdens.

Within the scope of minimum labor consultancy;

  • Minimum labour practices in construction work,

  • Workplace registration and closure procedures in construction and tender works,

  • Practices related to minimum labour in work put out for tender,

  • Notification of subcontractors

  • Benefiting SSI premium incentives in works within the scope of minimum labor,

  • Minimum labor practice in construction works,

  • Minimum labor practice in works subject to tender,

  • Strategies to be followed in SSI research and inspections related to minimum labour,

  • Determination of minimum labor rates, objections and seeking legal remedies related to minimum labour,

  • Reconciliation related to minimum labour,

  • Obtaining clearance certificates from the SSI,

  • Periodic auditing of subcontractors,

  • Preparation of YMM (sworn financial advisor) reports related to minimum labour.

Minimum labour consultancy

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