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Consultancy Service in Social Security Investigations

SSI takes employers under investigation according to notices, complaints or risk factors that it determines. The support of professional and experienced team is significantly important in the examinations, since there is a long statute of limitations such as 10 years, in the social security legislation, and different legislative provisions are valid in different periods. In this context, we provide legal support in all kinds of social security investigations and examinations with our team that has deep experience of the relevant public institutions.

We provide an exhaustive consultancy tailored to the situations of the companies as follows;

  • Preparing the information and documents to be submitted for the audit,

  • Identification of risks before the audit

  • Providing consultancy during the minutes process,

  • Preparation of objection letters.

Consultancy service in social security investigations

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Celal Özcan

Celal Özcan

Social Security Services, Director

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