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Check-up Audit

The compliance of the work and transactions with the legislation may not be ensured due to the continuation of the routine practices, the failure to keep the payroll programs up-to-date, the frequent changes in the legislation, the lack of personnel and the workload.

In this context, all labor and social security practices and operations are examined by our expert team and reported in a way that includes risks, opportunities and solution suggestions.

Check-up audit provides the following:

  • awareness of risks for businesses and correction of unlawful practices before any sanctions are imposed,

  • Compliance of social security transactions with the legislation,

  • Calculation of wage accruals and legal deductions,

  • Compliance of notifications and declarations with the legislation

  • Examining whether the exemptions and exceptions in the social security legislation are used correctly,

  • Examining personnel affairs and basic payroll processes, and assistance with respect to compliance of practices in accordance with the Social Security and labour laws,

  • Determining whether SSI premium incentives are fully and correctly utilized,

social security Check-up audit

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Celal Özcan

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