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Public Consultancy Service Focus Themes

Economic Transformation

We are dedicated to driving economic development and growth agenda focusing on strategy development for macroeconomic and sector-based transformation, competitiveness, trade and investments, SME development, job creation and access to finance.

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Macroeconomic Consulting

Global economy has been witnessing a sharp transformation at least for the last decade. Macroeconomic developments entails some resilience for sector and corporates where proactive decisions via an accurate interpretation of the international and local economic environment can move company to a step forward. Therefore, a comprehension of macroeconomic dynamics and a robust analysis are crucial prerequisites for not only financial but also for strategic decisions.

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Impact Assessment

We specialize in delivering comprehensive impact assessments that empower countries, industries and organizations to make informed decisions. Our team conducts thorough evaluations of projects, policies, strategies, initiatives, providing valuable insights into their economic, social, and environmental consequences.

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ESG & Climate Change

With deep commitment to sustainable development, our expert consultants are at the forefront of shaping the policies of the future, navigating complexities pertaining to the adoption and execution of ESG challenges. From crafting resilient climate change and tax policies to aligning with Sustainable Development Goals, we bring a fresh perspective to these exciting issues, emphasizing economic progress in conjunction with reducing pollution, responsible use of natural resources and promoting eco-friendly practices.

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Regional Development

Our esteemed team recognizes the pivotal role that regional development plays in enhancing the quality of human life, and we wholeheartedly commit our expertise to this noble cause. We specialize in crafting comprehensive regional development plans, leveraging the potential of smart city programs, and elevating unique destinations through strategic destination management and city branding.

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Digital and Innovation

We are at the forefront of understanding and evaluating the significant macro digitalisation shifts, such as AI and IoT, and their implications on diverse organizations, industry segments and niches. Our commitment is to empower organizations with insightful digital transformation assessments spanning the entire value chain.

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Social Development

In a world where daunting challenges such as poverty, inequality of opportunities, climate change, social injustice, and humanitarian crises persist, the need for comprehensive solutions has never been greater. Our diverse team of experts, drawn from various social science disciplines including economics, political science, public health, social policy, and international development, is here to provide you with evidence-based research and insights.

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Multilevel Governance

We excel in multilevel governance solutions, institutional strategic planning, digital maturity assessments and performance programs. Our team is dedicated to supporting public and non-profit organizations navigate complex systems efficiently. We offer expertise in target operating model design, capital investment planning, participatory tools and budgeting, and citizen engagement processes. With our tailored strategies, we empower clients to streamline operations, and engage stakeholders effectively.

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Program and Project Management (PPM)

The PPM team is responsible for the turnkey management of high-impact, high-risk and multi-stakeholder projects and programmes that require involvement of cross-functional teams.

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