Macroeconomic Consulting

Global economy has been witnessing a sharp transformation at least for the last decade. Macroeconomic developments entails some resilience for sector and corporates where proactive decisions via an accurate interpretation of the international and local economic environment can move company to a step forward. Therefore, a comprehension of macroeconomic dynamics and a robust analysis are crucial prerequisites for not only financial but also for strategic decisions.
We, as PwC Turkey consulting team, offer a tailor-made service for your strategic decision making process by assuring a better understanding of current macroeconomic outlook, reverberation of global developments on local environment, correlation between economic indicators and the potential effect on  your business.


Economic Consulting for Board/Executive Management & Macroeconomic Analysis

Would you like to grasp the facts about economic environment in an unbiased way instead of getting confused about miscellaneous expressions in the air?

In a rapidly changing world, we help the senior management of companies to shape their decisions by evaluating the possible impacts of macroeconomic developments. Regular presentations by PwC Turkey Chief Economist to your Board will enable your strategic decisions to be designed with a better understanding of the developments regarding global and Turkish economy which can also be bolstered by our sector experts.

In addition, we can organize workshops or tailor-made meetings for your teams so as to provide an accurate comprehension of the current macro environment interactively that will support the decision making process. In accordance with your request, we may strengthen our service with regular reports.

Economic Impact Analysis

Would you like to calculate the economic impact of your business, industry that you represent or even a project/investment on the specified geography?

While it is crucial to consider the economic contributions such as employment, added value, etc. of a business, investment, sector or organizations carried out during the strategic decision-making process, it is desired within the scope of cost-benefit analysis and efficiency which can also be demanded by investors / fund providers. On the other hand, measuring the economic impacts of disruptive events -such as pandemic- plays an active role in the decision-making processes of policy makers. As PwC Turkey, we respond to your needs in this direction with our technical knowledge and experience, by performing economic (socio-economic) impact analyzes with the various methodologies we use and our extensive experience in our global network.

Forecasting and Scenario Analysis

Do you have any alternative master plan if any macro indicator will post a sharp turn?

We accompany your strategic evaluation and/or budget period via forecasting service regarding exogenous indicators, i.e. macroeconomic, sector.

Our capability to make projections under different scenarios and analyze the impacts of the current developments on your sector/firm will not only let you to feel comfortable in a dynamic environment but also it will feed your needs within the context of compliance (i.e. IFRS 9 reporting)

Research Projects/Thought Leadership

Are you curious about unlocking potential of an opportunity through a detailed research?

We carry out in-depth research projects in line with your requirements that will bolster your strategic evaluation process via PwC’s experienced global and local networks, which have a deep track record of thought leadership.

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