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A distinctive business practice that provides audit, technical accounting, tax, compliance, risk management, outsourcing, securities processing, information risk and security, data quality, M&A and other services.

Transformation of the Asset Management Industry

As PwC Turkey, we carried out the Transformation of the Asset Management Industry in Turkey report, under the scope of the United Kingdom Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ 2016-2017 prosperity fund, to reveal the current status, opportunities, potential, and steps to take in the Turkish portfolio management sector.


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How can we help?

The critical issues facing financial institutions today are affecting their entire business. The industry continues to address regulatory reform, financial reporting requirements, implementation of cost effective technologies, talent acquisition and increasing demands from stakeholders. These challenges are forcing financial institutions to rethink business strategies.

Our professionals assist with many of today's largest, most challenging issues impacting asset and wealth management, banking and capital markets and insurance.

PwC Turkey banking and capital markets teams provide support for legislation and regulatory requirements, make key challenges more understandable with insight and resolve them. 

As the leading provider of professional services to insurance organizations, PwC has extensive knowledge of the issues, trends and challenges that insurers face.

PwC offers the asset management industry globally integrated assurance, tax consulting and risk management, research and analysis.

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Risk and Regulation

Financial Services firms are working under more complex regulation and facing greater external threats that are ever more difficult to adapt to. It’s easy to be afraid of putting a foot wrong.

But let’s not forget that without risk, there would be no Financial Services sector. To succeed, you need to take carefully controlled, well-managed risks. 

How can we help?

By designing insightful risk analytics techniques and developing an end-to-end, aggregated view of the risks facing their business, we help them make the right decisions and optimize their returns. Developing bespoke risk solutions is at the core of what we do, not only around current regulatory requirements, but also for future requirements. With the extensive skills and experience we have in our team, we are able to advice on regulation and issues affecting the macro environment, ensuring we offer a complete and comprehensive approach to risk. 

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Strategy and Operations

Growth and change are two realities that no business can afford to ignore. Sustainable strategies that help your business innovate and grow while reducing costs and leveraging talent are just as essential as having the agility and creativity to respond to rapidly changing environments.

How can we help?

We support you in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations and in determining your corporate strategy. Our basic approach is to understand your business and the business impact of your options in a broader perspective. We combine our economic and industrial knowledge with our technical expertise to reach the right results.

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Realising the potential of your mergers, acquisitions and divestitures and capital markets transactions

Deals are an opportunity – for faster growth, stronger capabilities and dramatic transformation. Harnessing this potential requires foresight that only comes from a deep experience in deals. Doing deals requires speed and confidence. Exactly what you get when you work with PwC.

How can we help?

We help to execute successful deals and create value through mergers, acquisitions, disposals and restructuring. We achieve this by developing the right strategy before the deal, identifying issues and points of negotiation and value and implementing change to deliver synergies and improvements after the deal.

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FS Technology

The accelerating pace of technological change is the most creative - and disruptive - force in the financial services ecosystem today. Technological advances have real world implications on the financial services industry and institutions need to adjust their business models accordingly.

How can we help?

PwC offers a seamless end-to-end services portfolio to help financial incumbents to leverage Financial Services Technology trends and convert threats into opportunities.

What makes PwC’s Financial Services technology consulting capabilities distinctive?
Integrated global network
Extensive industry experience and resources
Multidisciplinary problem solving
Practical insight into critical issues
Focus on relationships
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