Real Estate 2020: Building the future

According to PwC’s new survey, “Real Estate 2020: Building the Future”, the real estate industry will witness significant growth around the world by 2020.

In our 5 Minutes study, we tried to summarize “Real Estate 2020: Building the Future” report.

Rapid urbanisation and demographic changes, especially within emerging markets, will lead to substantial growth in the real estate investment industry over the next six years, according to Real Estate 2020: Building the future, a new report from PwC. At the same time as the industry’s opportunities grow, so too will assets invested into the sector.

The report predicts that the global stock of investable real estate will rise by more than 55% to around $45.3 trillion by 2020, from a 2012 total of $29.0 trillion and will expand again by a similar proportion by 2030.

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