Agile IT Operating Model

The world is changing faster and faster

Technology pioneers, as well as the current demographics, are increasingly determining the needs of customers. The change caused by the digital transformation is omnipresent: Old industry boundaries are disappearing, new competitors are gaining strength. Traditional recipes for success are no longer valid.

To be among the winners in this cut-throat competition, speed and flexibility through agile leadership are essential. Enterprise agility is the consistent continuation of agile methods from the project level to the entire organization and to each individual manager in order to implement market requirements and consequently serve customer faster and more efficiently.

Agile Trust - Implement the digital transformation successfully and compliantly

For many companies, digital transformation is becoming increasingly crucial in order to survive in today's dynamic and disruptive market environment. However, transformation projects often stagnate, do not achieve the desired added value or even endanger the sustainable success of the entire organization. Many companies see the key to success in agile process models, but governance and compliance aspects must not be neglected. 

Step by step to the Agile Champion

We support you on your agile journey no matter where you are at the moment. Whether you are at the very beginning or already at an advanced stage - we have the right concepts for you and the experts who will take you further in this change and lead you to success.

Our Services

Enterprie Agility Workshops

Everyone is talking about agility. With the large number of terms associated with agility (e.g. lean, kanban, backlog, chapter, tribe), it is noticeable that the understanding is quite different. Many combine agility with project management methods in software development (especially SCRUM), others with a way of working that can be transferred to the entire structure and process organization beyond IT. We help you to take a holistic, practical look at the topic of agility and to understand the various terms, approaches and methods based on real case studies in order to generate added value for your customers. The focus is on the benefit or added value that can be achieved through agility for management and customer service. This is all the higher, the shorter the innovation cycles of a company and the faster customer behavior changes.

Building the case for Agile

The benefits of agility vary by business. In addition, every organization has different initial requirements. In order to substantiate the added value of agility, we set up a business case together with you and carry out a maturity analysis. With our Agile Maturity Assessment, we work with you to assess the effectiveness of your agile projects and organizations along a variety of dimensions and sub-dimensions and identify optimization potential.

Piloting Agility

There are different ways to introduce agility in organizations. With the Front Runner approach, only part of the organization is initially converted to agile working methods and thus shifted from project mode to value stream or product mode. This allows the new way of working to be tested and optimized in a defined area. The Front Runner approach supports the validation and optimization of a new organizational design before it is introduced in other parts of the organization.

Scaling Agility

After the introduction of agile methods in projects, the question quickly arises as to whether and how the new way of working can be transferred to large and complex programs, individual areas of the company, management or even the entire organization. We have successfully accompanied companies of various sizes in this transformation and know the pitfalls and success factors. 

Agile Compliance

Quality assurance and compliance also play an important role in agile processes. In addition to ensuring the correct implementation of technical requirements, it is particularly important to be able to take legal requirements into account. This is an important aspect, especially in regulated industries such as the financial sector, which is of great relevance in automated IT processes (DevOps environment with continuous deployments) and which must be taken into account for customer service.

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