The automotive industry is going through the biggest shift and period of transformation in its history. PwC Turkey stands beside the all players in the industry; OEMs, companies in automotive supply industry, distributors, dealers and associations.

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The automotive sector is in the midst of unprecedented change. It is marked by the continued advancement of electric and autonomous vehicles and a convergence of industries, transformed supply chains and rapidly changing customer preferences. These shifts are requiring companies to simultaneously navigate today’s evolving landscape and plan for the future of mobility.

PwC’s technical skills, industry experience and knowledge of local markets around the world help you become future-ready in every aspect of your business and in every market. We bring you valuable insights to address critical risk, tax, audit and assurance issues and your consulting needs across the globe.

Five trends transforming the automotive industry

Electric cars

The transition to an emission-free era is one of the leading global trends in the automotive industry. Efforts to reduce the emission of harmful gasses by decreasing vehicle emission levels will be widespread, as will the idea of producing vehicles which run on renewable energy resources.

Autonomous vehicles

Today, as individuals, we actively use many applications which we could not even dream of until a few years ago. Technological advances driven by artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and deep learning will rapidly make self-driving cars - which once seemed like a flight of fancy to many - widespread.

Sharing economy

Pay-as-you-go instead of ownership is a practice which is becoming increasingly widespread in many areas. The sharing economy and autonomous cars becoming widespread will enable users to travel more cheaply, safely, easily and comfortably in the future.


Connected vehicles

With the development of autonomous vehicle technology, vehicles will be constantly connected to each other, traffic factors and the outer world. The connected vehicle concept will both save time for drivers and be a safe and comfortable transport option.

Continuously upgraded vehicles

The popularisation of autonomous vehicles and shift in consumer habits will boost innovations in the automotive industry.


Highlights of the Turkish automotive industry

  • Keeping up with the technologic transformation
  • Operational efficiency/HR reorganisation
  • Overseas structuring
  • Access to funds
  • Benefitting from the incentives at maximum rates
  • Compliance to tax legislations

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